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    Originally posted by Ritual
    Originally posted by lono
    Musical genres = about as important as mini ratings here, and about as debatable too!
    Hehe.. you should see the more experimental fringe of the electronic music scene... :rolleyes: It\'s almost like every artist makes up a new genre name for him/herself. lol I suspect it\'s the same in other types of music too.
    I recently discovered that one of my favorite bands has redefined the genre of; get this... \"Gloom Pop\". lol I\'ve never even heard of Gloom Pop, how can one go about redefining something that didn\'t exist before! At this rate every other band/artist will have their own genre.

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    It\'s actually quite common, at least in more alternative and smaller genres, that artists invent new genre names for themselves, because they dislike the ideological, stylistical or plain associative implications of the \"established\" genre they belong to. But, it really doesn\'t matter in the end, does it? :)

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    I saw Megadeth when I were a lad.

    They were utter shite :D

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    Originally posted by emopainterguy

    I\'ve never even heard of Gloom Pop...
    Never heard of The Cure?

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    Originally posted by Spacemunkie
    Originally posted by emopainterguy

    I\'ve never even heard of Gloom Pop...
    Never heard of The Cure?
    Of course I\'ve heard of The Cure, I\'ve just never heard the term Gloom Pop.

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    the john butler trio for me and rage against the machine:D

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    Originally posted by EricJ
    Originally posted by Sigmork
    Usually eminem

    *lets the eminem hating rants begin*
    I\'m not a huge eminem fan, but I\'m just glad to hear someone else paints to rap.
    Beastie Boys have done some good stuff or should I say - \"Dem boyz done some tight rhymin\"?lol

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    Thank the Bill-god for introducing me to Kasabian!! I also enjoy a lot of classic rock and I\'m just getting into the blues of Johnny Winter after seeing an article on him in Guitar World. There\'s also Ten Years After, Wolfmother, Billy Talent, and I spend my spare time researching rare Hendrix tracks :D:D

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    Originally posted by Shawn R. L.
    Beastie Boys have done some good stuff or should I say - \"Dem boyz done some tight rhymin\"?lol
    No you shouldn\'t, in fact I\'ll pay you to never say that again! lol

    But you are quite correct, Licenced to Ill and Ill Communication are two albums that were on repeat throughout a lot of my younger years, and they still get dragged out from time to time.

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    Originally posted by GreenOne
    Happy hardcore, wtf is that ???:rolleyes:;)

    If you live in america (which you probably do) it is unlikely that you will have heard of Happy Hardcore as it is mainly a U.K. based style. It is an evolution of rave music, but instead of it revolving around breakbeats (where the drums break away from a pattern, and usually feature many snares)
    it is based around a \"four on the floor\" pattern, where the drums basically go \"thump, thump, thump, thump\" with little or no variation. Im probably getting too technical now and those who arent into electronic music will probably struggle to understand what i just said ???

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    I am really enjoying Gamma Ray right now. I love european melodic power metal.

    As for Megadeth, well i would say they started out as a thrash band but quickly lost the thrash edge and became more mainstream metal. That being said, I still enjoy their new material (Mustaine rules), whereas the other half (Metallicrap) went off the deep-end with the black album, and never came back. I downloaded St Anger not once, but twice after I deleted it the first time. i figured I would give it another listen and I simply couldn\'t do it.

    For me, thrash bands could include (but not be limited to) Anthrax, Slayer, Venom, Testament, old Annihilator, Sacrifice, Kreator, very old Megadeth and Metallica up to \"And Justice...\".

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