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    This is my new work on boring Ebay. But I don\'t want to paint it in a colourfull sheme. So I decided to do it in dirty, little rusty colour sheme.

    What do you think about it ? I did green robe,some skin and one wing. I haven\'t idea of colour to paint fury.

    I hate this plastic knights without details. So I took metal 5-ed. Grail Standard Bearer i did some conversion work to have BSB :)

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    Dirt and rotten...I like!

    The shield on the horse\'s cloak? cover? is great, you mind if I steal that?

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    The work on the barding is very nice, the green is well done and the freehand is cool.

    The work on the Pegasus isn\'t quite to the same standard, but still not too bad. I\'m not so into the purple as a skin colour for this creature either to be honest.

    The wing looks under worked in comparison, but it is on the way. More differentiation of colour and tone from the tips to the base of the feathers would be good I think.

    I\'m struggling to imagine how these different elements are going to work together though to be honest. Does the purple of the skin really go with the green? And the grey of the wings needs something to make it work with the purple too I\'d say.

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    it looks cool, I don\'t really know what to think about the skin though. it looks rallly cool, but also uite weird :rolleyes:

    but keep it up :) I look forward to see progress on this one :)

    // Larre

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    I really liek what you\'re doing here. It isn\'t too often that we see dark, more realistic colours here, so I\'m glad you\'ve chosen that road. However, the dark realism doesn\'t seem to apply to the head, and like Iono and Larre I\'m not sure it will work in the overall impression. Of course, I might very well be wrong, so keep us informed of your choices and progress.
    Good work - keep it up.

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    Sorry for long break. I painted first freehand in my life and finished knight. But I must do second freehand in my life on banner to finish whole knight :)

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    Good work here. I think you managed the \"dirty\" look very well.

    Freehand is very clean. Good theme.


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