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    Default Fire Toad WIP

    I have been running a WIP of my fire Toad over on the AT-43 english forum.

    Thought I would post here too to get some feedback on how im doing here are the photos so far

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    I have one thing to say, that weathering is awsome! :D

    // Larre

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    That\'s incredible!

    Will I be able to paint like that once I grow up?


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    i agree, that is absaloutely beautiful painting there, and it isnt very often that you can say that about weathering effects:D

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    great stuff more pics please!

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    That´s really great - I can\'t wait to see that magnificent weathering applied to the entire model.

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    :o That thing is gorgeous! If you would be so kind as to post a tutorial or even a less comprehensive step-by-step of an armor plate or two that would be fantabulous... I really need to figre out how to do weathering like that :D

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    Default Picked up the brushes after 2 and a half years

    If people are still interested I have just picked up the brushes after two and a half years. Life has been crazy!

    This model has been sat in my display cabinet screaming to be finished.

    It seems painting is like riding a bike and it all came flowing back. Hopefully I can stick it out and get this finished.

    Have just moved onto the front of the model, will post pics ASAP.

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    Definitely that weathering looked absolutely amazing!! Some step-by-step on the weathering would be appreciated as had been mentioned light-years ago! ... and welcome back to the forums.

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    aye get on with it! i have just picked up two of these and some inspiration wouldn't go amiss!

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    Really good mini. The weathering is great.

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    Default Agreed.

    Yeah, that weathering is nicely done!
    Love to see more..

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    Great stuff! I am interested in this waethering tutorial too... If you dont mind...

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    That's really impressive, look like sand lightly damaged the leg of the toad.
    It's meaningfull, I'll begin soon to paint my first land raider and I'll work with your images in mind, it's inspiring.

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