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    Excellent work!!

    Im sure you have already noticed and fixed it, but one of the rods acting as a lasgun rack has broken almost all the way off. Just thought id point it out so it didnt get lost or forgotten!

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    As aidan mentions it - maybe you could add a strap or a bend to those supports - as - just for realism\'s sake(!) I\'m sure those lasguns wouldn\'t stay on there after bumping over craters and squishing orks :P

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    Default some problems...

    eh... I knew it. There are always some problems with my work... Because the oryginal Gorgon is a little bigger that what I\'m building the back part ( with drivers cabin and 2 gun nests) is just hard to figure out. There is not to much space to put those gun nests and fit the driver. I had to cut into the track guard to make more space but I\'m still not sure how to build the whole thing... well I\'m going to get back to my other project for couple of hours and get back to this later...
    this is the oryginal back of the Gorgon:

    This is where I\'m right now:

    About the lasgun rack... yeah I\'ve fixed it after I posted the photos. but thanks for trying to help guys...

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    One way might be to make the back driver section encompass the whole back part and place two smaller turrets on the top. That way you can say the turrets are operated by gunners on the inside of the compartment. It would save some width, but it depends on how true to the \"Gorgon\" you want it to be..

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    It\'s looking very good. When are you going to start scuffing it up, bolting on extra armour plates and fixing on Orky Zzap guns and whatnot?

    And don\'t go telling me it\'s not intended for Orks, something this cool deserves chopping into, having impractical gun turrets stuck all over it and a good coat of red paint applied!

    It would help with your turret placement issue too. They could be anywhere if it was Orky!

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    Completely amazing!

    Following the thread form work, more komments later...

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    Ok my new plan... I will paint the inside and glue this tank together... It will be easier for me to build drivers cabin and the guns. I will update the pictures as soon I finish painting...

    And now for something completly different:

    Something I was working while building this tank....

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    Ok I\'ve put some paint on my tank. I feel it looks good... Oh fuck it! This is one of my best paitjobs. It looks much better that what you see on photos... I don\'t know why...

    Oh and I had ne idea... There are search lights on the oryginal Gorgon... Mine will be better... Mine will really work. I got some LED lights that I was dying to use in one of my projects.
    I will attach 4 oil drums to the back of the Gorgon and one of them will hold 3 batteries that will power 2 searchlights on top of the tank.

    Hope you like it... Got any sugestions???
    post something lol :D

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    why oh why are you so good.

    the killa kan looks great and the fact that you scraythcbuilt is is also amazing.

    Painting looking very good here.

    i am in awe:o:o

    is there anywhere to get plastercard like this in the uk??

    I assume it is plastercard??

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    Wow, dude :o I\'m impressed - not only is the construction work looking really special, but the paint job is pushing it even further. I like the interior very much, but when I looked at the bluish screens, I couldn\'t help thinking that applying some wriggly black or white lines to them would make them look like some kind of data screens.

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    Nice touch, re; the lights, looking great:D

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    you are gifted, this is soooo good, i cant\' wait to see the final result.

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    Mark, did you use any legos in the construction of this vehicle? I thought I saw a sawn off piece.

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    Wow This vehicle you are building is just amazing!!! and I can\'t wait to see whsat the final product will look like.

    I never thought much about painting the inside of my tanks but after seeing how wicked the inside of yours looks and how much it will add to the whole model I think Im seriously going to rethink my current position on not painting the inside of my vehicles and start doing so, it may take a little longer to get to the final product but I feel it will so be worth it once completed.

    Keep up the GREAT work!!!

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    Yeah, the blue bit with the three dots on it is lego.

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    Your good... yes i did used couple of Lego parts I was hoping no one would nitice but... lol
    And I\'m sorry but this won\'t be an orks vehicle... It would be less difficult to make it work if some orks helped me with their crazy ideas... but I was trying to make it as true to the oryginal as possible.

    Thecadian you can tryto google \"Plastruct\". They got a lot of good plastic stuff. I\'m not sure about shipping to UK but that\'s the best source for me

    Right now I\'m trying to fit some custom build (of course) flamers on it... I\'ve put a magnes in it ... I plan to make some lascannons and autocannons like that so ppl could change the weapons... ( i need to think about it...)

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    keep it up.
    looking great.
    the flamers look a little long but i would guess that theyre for the unbuilt back part.
    have you resolved the gun turret
    problem yet?

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    Don\'t you just HATE people like this...?

    Oh, I decided to give this project a bit of a rest, BUT HERE\'S a 3:1 Warhound titan I did during my lunch break! :flame:

    You talented git :P lol

    Painting look really good - I like the semi-messy oil painting style (Is it actually acrylics or oils?)

    Bloody amazing

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    Ok. The guns will be mechanized and will be operated bu 2 guys in the back. I will make the driver visible thru a small window. I will try to paint him like there is some green light comming from the screens ( I hope I will make it work). I need to work slower right now because of the LED lights I have to figure out how to run the cable so it wont be visible and I need to make room for the on/off swich. will post some photos soon ( I hope).

    Some new pics of the crew. I know i know it doesn\'t look like the oryginal but who cares... uh ... me... grrrrrrrr.
    Oh well... never mind. I still think it could look nice.

    And the pissing guy... lol

    DaN - I only paint with GW acryl. The walls in the tank look thick with pain because there are like six layers.
    [align=center]And the pissing guy... lol[/align]

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    I think the work you have done on this so far is absolutley amazing! I love the original model, but yours is far better in my opinion as it has so much more personal detail to it. The internal paint job is awesome as well.

    What paints did you use for the yellow interior areas?

    I just noticed the first aid box recessed into the wall... another cool touch! Its the little details like this which make this build superior to the Forgeworld original.

    Keep up the superb work mate!

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