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    I am ill at the moment so I decided to paint an Ork whilst staying off school.

    I wanted to have a darker, more grim skin tone but keep the comical side of the orks with the bright clothing.

    I want to do NMM for the metallic areas but keep it dirty and worn. Does anyone have any tips on doing that?
    I tried gold NMM on his earings if you can see. I think it needs some glazes to blend it more.

    Sorry about the rubbish pictures!

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    From what I can see the skin colour looks pretty good but the photo makes it hard to see how the shading works. Also it\'s really hard to make out the clothes etc too as it\'s too dark. However, he earings do look good as do the teeath. I can\'t offer much in the way of NMM advice though as I\'ve never tried it myself. Good luck :beer:

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    I have taken new pictures which are alot brighter!

    This is also an update as I have painted some NMM and cleaned up the skin.

    The boot colour is really rubbish...I shouldn\'t paint whilst tired...lol

    anywho, here it is:

    Sorry about the mould line!

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    The model looks nice so far and the NMM seems to be coming along well. However, there are a few things that I think you could improve on here.

    Firstly, I don\'t think shading the whole mini with the same wash works on this mini. As you have gone for the gritty ork but with bright clothing the red/brown shading you have stands out like a sore thumb. The idea of subtely introducing a tone throughout the model to give it a unified feel is maybe what you were going for? If so, I think you have gone too far. You need to bring back the shading the crevices to a blue tone on the trousers I think - they stand out most here. The green shoes seem to carry the effect off well however.

    Another little niggle I have are the teeth. As you\'ve gone for a fairly murky brown/green skin tone, the teeth are too tonally similar. I know dental hygeine doesn\'t place high on an ork\'s to do list but you need to bring them out more. ;)

    However I would say that this looks nice so far, so keep it up! :)


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