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    This site carries some plastruct tubes, rods and other stuff and is based in the UK.


    and this one sells plasticard sheets amongst other scratch-building items.


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    Cheers Roger

    Great work still :) i think its good that it isnt a carbon copy of the FW one.

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    [quote]Originally posted by marcineczek0
    Ok I\'ve put some paint on my tank. I feel it looks good... Oh fuck it! This is one of my best paitjobs. It looks much better that what you see on photos... I don\'t know why...

    Well if it looks even better IRL I might just consider giving painting a rest and start a new hobby - like knitting blankets or something meaningful like that, that you can\'t be this superior in. Most impressive.:wow:

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    I\'m making some progress with the back of the tank... it doesn\'t look too good right now but i will smooth it out. The swich looks terrible... I\'ll try to make it less visible. Maybe some antenas or... I don\'t know. It was the only place that I could put it.

    Gaspode - The wall are covered with six layers of paint but the last one is (the visible) is GW \"Desert Yellow\". The last leyer is so thick that i think the previous 5 layers doesn\'t affect the color. I\'ve put some watered down scorched brown and chestnut ink (dirt and rust) so it won\'t look too flat.
    Manus - don\'t hate on me your models look good too. That last Dreadnought looks amazing. Conversion and paintjob is great. Oh and I\'m sure that I would be good in knitting blankets... lol lol lol

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    great lookin piece.
    will have to try my hand at scratch building soon.
    could you hide the switch inside the drivers compartment with a lifting/ removable door/cover.??????????

    keep up the awesome conversions

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    Coming on nicely. For the switch, perhaps rig up some sort of satelite dish with a hollowed out base that simply slides over the switch to hide it completely.

    And your Ork Dread/Kan/stompy thing is awesome too.

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    Originally posted by marcineczek0
    It looks like the gunners are in the corner for a time out lol.

    Looks fantastic so far. I\'m itchy to give this a go myself...

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    Wow, this thing is really looking good.
    As for the switch, why not turn it into a comms whip antena or a banner pole. Or is it posible to replace it with sliding switch as apossed to a toggle? That would be alittle easier to hide in something.

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    Hi again.
    I\'ve finished with the lights... all works well. I can finally glue this thing together...
    I\'ve painted the crew. Nothing special because I was never good with minis but it\'s not the minis that will be the most important part of this tank... right?
    The driver... hmm i was going for that glowy look like there is a light going from the monitors inside... It doesn\'t look too good but you can hardly see him anyway so...

    I think I\'m not going to sleep today too good... I need to hurry up with this project. I got a lot of new ideas for new stuff...

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    Still most impressive. I still wonder how you can do it. I never was a big fan of real light on tanks my self - but that \'s just personal preference - and it looks really well done.
    I think you should shade the driver down a bit, it look good with the \"monitor light\" but it\'s just a little to bright - it\'s a really good idear, that I think I\'ll pinch at some point :idea:.
    Thanks for your nice commets on the dread by the way.

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    Ok It\'s 4 am...
    I\'m going to update some photos and try to get some sleep. I just need to finish those stupid autocannons ( I need to make ammunition feeders - Is that how you say it???).
    The whole thing above loading dock is remowable for easy access. And some better pics of the crew men... Like I said I\'m not good with painting minis...

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    I like the crew uniform colour - what recipe...?
    Snakebite + something ... ?

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    The uniforms were painted with scorched brown than highlighted with Graveyard Earth and than mix of Graveyard Earth and Kommando Khaki. Nothing fancy... just like it\'s said in games-workshop how to paint Imperial Guardsmen.

    I\'ve put some small touches on my tank. This decoration looks a little like that on Chaos minis but I hope that no one will mistake this for a chaos vehicle... I think it makes it look like some ancient war machine.

    I will put some photos soon...

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    this is just coming along so nicely. keep up the amazing work. i look forward to your thread every day. :)

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    The Gorgon is finished and ready to be painted... Finally.
    Well at least I hope so... I think it looks good and I don\'t want to change anything.
    As to the painting I was thinking of some camo pattern, but last time I\'ve tried painting camo on other tank it didn\'t came out too nice. I was thinking of buying two cans of spray paint. Paint it with one and than masking some camo pattern with magic tape. Than I will highlight it with gw paints.
    If you think it\'s good idea or you have something better in mind please share with me...

    The autocannons are magnetized same as twinboldgun on the driver roof... I didn\'t glued the rest of the oil drums to the back because I need to paint under them.
    here are some pictures of my tank:

    And the close up of the decoration:

    Hope you like it...

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    This Gorgon rocks. Love the lights and I love the interior. You\'ve got great modeling skills.

    Keep it up, can\'t wait to see it done and filled with troops

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    BURN THE HERETIC! - Becuase you must have been posessed by chaos to produce something as cool as this!

    ;) Maan that is one superb construction. Personally I prefer it to the Forge World one. It has a better feel to it and it just looks so darn cool!

    I cant wait to see the pain job you have in store for this. I showed this thred to my mate who is a compete tread-head and he nearly fell off his chair.

    Keep up the awesome work man!

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    congrats looks great.:cool:
    cant wait to see it finished
    dont know about the front stubbers (?)
    though could be kind of hard to have a gunner on that one.

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    Looks great. Are the rivets punched out of sheets or cut from rods? Everytime I try to cut from a rod it ends up angled instead of flat.

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    Incredible work on this. The painting is turning out very well and the entire project really is inspiring.

    I\'ve managed to stay away from plasticard so far but I keep watching this thread - and ones like it - and your results make it hard to avoid ANOTHER project.

    Keep inspiring folks; you\'re doing a great job.

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