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    Default VT


    My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

    edit: Don\'t let this turn into anything beyond the incident; please nothing political.

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    Yeah, I\'ve been following the news this evening... :( Truly horrible! A sad day...

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    Scary stuff indeed. Keeping \'political\' and social comments to myself. :(

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    I was actually thinking of our American CMON community when I heard this today. I hope no one lost anyone in this tragic incident.
    My thoughts are truly with your nation today.

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    Pretty horrible stuff :( a sad day for anyone involved and all us watchers

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    bloody hell. thats stupid

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    I was miffed. There are some right arseholes out there.

    Political statement.....on end of........tongue.....but.....holding.....back!

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    Without political and social commentary, what is left? A condolances thread?

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    Saying sorry won\'t bring anyone back.

    Stupid, pointless and still happening...

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    I work on a university campus. A girl was raped and murdered here in November, and it has had a profound effect on the feeling of safety and security at the university.

    I cannot imagine the sadness and unease caused by yesterday\'s events. My heart goes out to not only the families and friends, but to the people who have to work at the scene of the tragedy each day, possibly for decades to come.

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    this has nothing to do with political matters imho. its just someone who lost it. i did not lose anyone thankfully but it is sad and there is nothing else we can do but leave our thoughts and prayers if you are religious with all of these ppl who lost loved ones. truly a sad not for america but the world. :(

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    :( My prayers to everyone at VT and the families .......such a tragedy and I have a kidlet that’s going to collage in the fall, makes me shake in my boots.

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    When I saw this on the news last night I went cold for quite a while, thinking of Becca (ipaintminis) being at University.

    Right now I can only sympathise with the feelings that Tab and Todd must be having, along with every other parent with children on a campus.

    As for the Parents and Families who have lost someone in this tragedy, I feel that my mere words of condolence are inadequate.

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    Christ, how dreadful... really horrible news. What a nutter.

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    Default it was scary

    even living in florida, states away from VT, we felt the shock of what happened.

    I know i worried all day and night. security was really high here and the president sent out a letter to the campus about how to be extra safe and to use the safty services provided (the cart that drives people around at night, the emergency phones...)

    i can\'t even imagine how worried my parents were, let alone parents in the surrounding communities and VT itself.

    USF (where i go) is holding a candlelight service-type gathering for those affected and I know we all thought about what would happen if it was here.

    I definatly feel for those in and around VT.

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    I\'m sorry to say this, but can we change the acronym? VPI would be more accurate, or VTech even. I just find myself wondering why I should be concerned about people in Vermont when I read this thread.

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    tis sad indeed. Condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims.

    I only wish these nuts would start with themselves when they begin shooting.

    The rest of my comments are reserved for other threads.

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    Just horrible. There hasn\'t been that much in the way of details released, but this guy apparently had a history of mental illness and had written some fairly disturbing stuff in his courses. Tragically it seems like some red flags went unnoticed.

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    Not sure they went unnoticed. He was apparently sent to counseling. They just weren\'t seen to be as serious as they were. I doubt they could have done anything without tramping heavily on the rights of everyone.

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