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    Well. Long time no update to my gallery. Finally got decent pictures of this fellow. Very happy with him. He placed second in a White Dwarf Day painting competition (Jericho\'s warrior priest placed first). Multiview in my gallery here:

    And because I can:

    Comments, criticisms, and questions all welcomed and appreciated.

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    I like it - rated 8 :)

    I still reckon the tabard needs a BIT more depth tho :)

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    The chips on the armour are very well done! Did you use the sponge technique or paint them on? Im thinking of trying the sponge technique on a nurgle model ofr some really chipped armour and would be interested to hear your technique :)

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    @Aidan K: I just painted the chips on, thin line of black, and thin line of white under it (watered down quite a bit so it goes on slightly transparent). I\'ve seen the sponge technique and I was suprised at the results. I may give it a shot on something eventually but right now my method is working for what I need to do.

    @DaN: I agree, a lot of the parchment really does need more depth, I\'d add more to it but it\'s really quick to do this way and it is for an army so I dont want to start adding a bunch more steps. However I have started a show peice and I will definately be using a lot more depth in that.

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    Just think how good it\'ll look when I get to take pics of your stuff with my camera one of these days lol

    I\'m sorry it\'s just too much fun to bring this up every chance I get :D The freehand on the model doesn\'t come out well in the pics, it sure as heck impresses a lot more in person.

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    I didn\'t think the photo was that bad lol. Better than before for sure. I think the one image being so large really wasnt the best idea, at that size its a lot easier to pic out little things that could have been better, and the free hand looks a lot rougher.
    I think my composition pic was kinda poorly done, I shouldnt have left that shot of the back of the banner till last (and the freehand is barely visible...). Oh well. Live and learn.

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    voted and commented. Now get on with that termipriest

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    Thanks for the comment Manus, I\'ve been working on my parchments a lot for my termi librarian, I think it looks a lot better now (sadly I\'m cameraless now so I can\'t update anything...).

    Hate to be a bother but I\'d really love some more comments and criticisms on this guy, I\'m looking to improve for my next couple projects so any tips would be great. Some more votes wouldnt be a bad thing either ;).

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