Dark Angel Librarians-What Colour?
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Thread: Dark Angel Librarians-What Colour?

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    Default Dark Angel Librarians-What Colour?

    Hey everyone,
    Im going to be painting up a DA Librarian soon and realised i dont know what colour they are supposed to be.
    Are they just the normal green or a different colour?

    Thanks in advance

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    I think DA Librarians follw the codex...

    Being, their armour should be predominantly blue, with the left pad in chapter colours.

    Dunno about Deathwing or ravenwing or whatever tho...

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    Well almost all the new librarians were painted in a codex type DA scheme (at least when I\'ve seen them published), that is mostly dark blue (according to the codex librarians should wear dark blue armor with yellow robes), with the chapter colours and icon on the right shoulderpad, and occassionally the knees are also the chapter colours. As for ravenwing and deathwing I would guess they\'d be the same (but with their respective colours). However it is up to you how you want to paint them, you could paint them green just like any other marines, or you could paint them blue, or any combination.

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    @Emo - I\'m SURE it\'s the LEFT pad for chapter markings... Right would be for the book or goats skull librarian symbol.

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    Thanks for the replies guys,
    The main reason i ask is i will be painting one for GD and they seem to like stuff in-line with their \"fluff\" so i didnt want to go and paint him the wrong colour, although im tempted to just got ahead and paint him green.Any thoughts?

    Thanks again,

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    Is there a reason for why they are blue? I guess the codex also specifies white Apothecaries? Just wondering!

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    I imagine it\'s simply for quick battlefield ID.

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    Originally posted by DaN
    @Emo - I\'m SURE it\'s the LEFT pad for chapter markings... Right would be for the book or goats skull librarian symbol.
    YES! Very right. My bad... Not paying attention sorry... lol. The RIGHT pad is for the librarian badge.

    I guess it\'s also worth mentioning (ie, to redeem myself), that the different ranks of librarian have different icons on their robes.

    lexicanum: semi circle with bottom open and two lines extending to the sides
    codicier: same as above but with points on the circle (making it a halo)
    epistolary: same as above but with a skull in the semi circle.

    I can provide pics but only if you need them (scanning/uploading/etc, and im kinda lazy lol)

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    Thanks for the Emo, wont need any pics (wouldnt want you to do too much ;) ). Any thoughts on painting him green?

    Thanks again,

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    Theres no reason not to. It\'s suggested they be in blue armor, but some just wear their chapter colours. Probably those who are higher ranked? I know Mephistons official paint job is pretty much devoid of any blue at all. I say paint him how ever you want. And its not like DA have been known to follow the codex to the letter.

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    Thanks for that Emo, green it is :)

    Note:If anyones interested in how it goes just check out my WiP thread.


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    There is no ravenwing or deathwing librarians, they are dark angels officers attached to the ravenwing or deathwing, and so keep the green badge, and do not use a black or white badge.

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    in the recent wd they said that they should be painted dark blue, but i\'m not too sure.

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    From Games Workshop\'s site. This seems to be the standard for Librarians. Also after reading some sites they say that since Librarians don\'t originate from the Chapter\'s planet, but they come from the Central planet to all of the different chapters, they keep the Blue power armor and wear the insignias and colors of the chapter they\'re a part of as a secondary or tertiary color.
    Here\'s the picture of the Chief Librarian of the Dark Angels.
    Hope that helps. :)Dark Angels Chief Libarian

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