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    I started making this little dude as light relief from a rather more intense and realistic sculpting project (which will remain a secret for now).

    Smile Time is my favourite episode of Angel, and I figured it would be fun to make puppet Angel, as I wouldn\'t have to worry about getting the anatomy quite as accurate as I would on a human style mini.

    He\'s 90mm scale, so about 48mm to the top of his head. Well he will be once he gets a head!

    1) Inspiration

    And if you are curious, here is a good section of the episode itself

    2) Armature

    3) Trousers

    His clothes are too big for him, which means I\'m getting some good practice at bunched up material.

    3) Shirt Front

    Sorry for the rather cack photo on this one. The camera seems to be giving me grief this morning. I\'ve smoothed his trousers down and baked them. I still need to do the shoes. The shirt front is also baked, but still needs buttons and collar adding.

    The black and white picture has a very quick coat style thing made from Sculpey laid over him and I\'ve superimposed the head and sword in Photoshop to check the proportions. I think we are all good

    That\'s all for now.

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    lol I love it! The inspiration is hilarious, and if you pull this one off (and why shouldn\'t you?) you are goint to have one exceptional mini on your hands. I can\'t wait too see your progress.
    By the way: What material are you sculpting him in (I\'m not familiar with sculpting to this extent myself, but I\'m very interested in learning)

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    The armature is Super Sculpey Firm and the paler stuff over the top is Super Sculpey. It\'s a smooth sculpting material that doesn\'t set until it is baked in the oven, at which point it sets, and can then be re-baked without loosing its firmness.

    It\'s very different to use to Green Stuff to be honest and I\'m still experimenting with it myself. It\'s not superior to GS or other air drying sculpting material, it\'s different. They all have things they are more useful for. I do find that Sculpey is particularly good for fabric though, hence me using it here.

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    very funny guy. Good work so far. As I see it you got those folds in the clothing just right. The only thing (extremely minor - but I know you want perfection:D) is the lowest fold is not touching the ground, but maybe the basematerial will make up for that.

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    It looks great!

    I look forward to see it finnished! :D

    // Larre

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    \"You\'re a wee little puppet man!\"

    Best episode ever. Puppet Angel kicking the tar out of the uncontrollably laughing Spike was great.

    This guy should be pretty slick when he\'s done lol

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    Manus - I still have to do the detailing on his shoes, so I\'ll go back and finish off any details around the base of the trousers then.

    Jericho - I liked the whole \"Stupid plastic piece a crap\", \"Stupid Limey piece of crap\" thing he did in the episode. They should have kept that as his catchphrase for the rest of the show!

    Season 5 of Angel was pretty much a joyous thing in general. Kinda odd that it got really great once they threw out the focus on a long running plot arc and tried to just making entertaining episodes istead, what with story-arcs being one of the things Joss Whedon series\' normally get praise for.

    Everyone else - Glad you like him so far!

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    \"I\'ll cut you a new puppet hole, bitch!\"

    Brilliant idea, I wish I\'d thought of it ;)

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