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    Default Father of hate

    Hello everybody,
    This is my vehicle entry from french GD 2007.
    You could vote for it HERE
    And this is a several views of it:

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    Already saw this and gave it like a 1000 points. This is a truly an awsome piece of work - I hope you have some pics of how you made this you can show us

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    Yep, I saw that earlier - a spectacular piece of work. It\'s so intricate, like a walking gothic cathedral of evil! :D I really like what you did with the hand, and the windows, and the NMM in general is fabulous... very well done indeed.

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    Man, It was honor to see prepainted stages, and they already gave strong impression of future victory.
    But the result, my god, result is cruel, stylish and bloody. The best imho giant robot you have ever made!!!

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    fecking awesome. the only thing about it that idon\'t like is it\'s lack of a \'face\'. other than that - superb, especially the \'stinky\' gesture!! :o :o

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    I want to know your rust technique :)

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    This is a wonderful piece and I count myself lucky to have seen it in person last weekend. I would love to see pictures of it in construction and before paint if possible.

    Your first place award was well deserved.


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    I can only describe this awesome mini with one word: DAMN!

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    shocker! man this piece is great man. keep up the good work:beer:

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    Could you post a few more angles?:D:D

    Its fan freaking tastic of course.

    Whats with him flashing the gangsign?

    Looks like he is taking some sort of sobriety test.

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    That\'s fantastic!

    I like the dour colour scheme, very fitting.

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    If I could give you an 11 I would have!!

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    Really amazing bit of work here. I actually prefer the back of it to the front because the various NMM effects are so impressive. I don\'t think the hand fits the look of the rest of the model as well as it could if I\'m being honest, but the fact that you gave him the shocker kind of makes up for it in a twisted way!

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    Shocker?:o No, this isn`t shocker. It`s a gesture which have on many of icons. Here is a bless to the heretics: \"I bless you and after safe you from yourself by my plasma cannon and heavy flamer\"...It`s in tradition of medieval and WH40K crusades

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    I can\'t help but think \"that guy\'s gonna fall backwards any second now...\" as he seems a bit... back-heavy. Other than that:
    That\'s one big, evil massive mo-fo, delivered with the flawless technique we love :D 10 in my book. Awesome work.

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    A shocker? It\'s Rock \'em Shock \'em robots!


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    Now that you\'ve said what the hand is really doing I like it much more. At first I was really confused by the hand... First thought was shocker, and then I realised that couldnt possibly be right... then i thought maybe hes flicking something? It makes sense now.

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    \"two in the pink, one in the stink\", \"two in the goo, one in the poo,\" \"two in the snapper, one in the crapper,\" \"two in the bush, one in the tush.\"
    sorry but that was very funny, and iv never herd of \'the shocker\'. dont think its made its way to england yet

    but Yellow one that is an incredibol dred, cant wait for your next \'mini\'. are you going to UK GD, or is that it till next year? ....stu....

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    I\'m sorry to say, but I have to agree with Freak, the lack of a head detracks from the overwelling coolness of this model. One, and this is just my opinon, needs a focal point to start at, and in most cases that is the head. That and for some reason the plasma cannon doesn\'t look bulkly? enuff for my tastes.
    Ok, now that I\'ve riped into it, the stuff I love. The feet, really love that knight/ templar full suit armor look. The hand where did you get it, or did you make it. And the glass work, nice.
    This is a model I hope to see in an future WD.

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    Ace model, congrats on the demon! Fantastic work, must have taken you ages to build it. I\'ll add my plea for prepaint pictures aswell! :D

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