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    After a minor delay and a needed shift in priorities, we present the April New Releases. These products will be available the last week of April, when the crew return from frolicing in Las Vegas.

    DAG4101 Brood Helexa Warhost - USD $39.99

    This box set includes 1 Special Edition Helexa, 1 Gazelle, 2 Brood Hounds and 2 Ratchet miniatures.

    Born to an insane Mother and the castoff from a fruitless genetic experiment left to die in the fetid southern swamps, the Brood have evolved throughout the centuries into a highly specialized race of inhuman creatures bred for specific purposes and needs.

    DAG3025 Skarrd Raze #2 - USD $14.99

    The origin of Raze is a complete mystery, even amongst most Skarrd. He appeared amidst a tribe of Skarrd warriors far to the northeast some years ago, inexplicably fighting alongside them. Only the Father of that tribe seems to know from whence Raze came, and he is not sharing the secret with anyone. It is doubtful that Raze was born—or created—within the Skarrd tribes; he is larger even than the largest of Skarrd warrior mutants, and the technology that created his saw-axe is unlike any the Skarrd possess. His appearance, in fact, is so weird and alien that he strikes terror into the hearts of even seasoned warriors.

    DAG4010 Brood Mandible - USD $12.99

    Originally bred to be a further evolution of the Sawblade type, Mandible actually was an aberration of selective principles.
    With changes to many of the subdermal armor pieces into an exoskeleton and sporting two weapon arms instead of one, each bigger in size than that of the original creature, Mandible proved to be even more deadly in open conflict.

    Unfortunately Mandible was totally unable to care for itself and as with nearly all aberrations, the nursing drones left it to starve to death by the hatching drones or to fall prey to the stronger beings with better survival chances. But it defied all expectations by simply surviving.

    For everybody waiting for Essence; don't worry. It's being delayed slightly, to the beginning of May 2007.

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    Good lord, that image is butchering the front page layout.

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    I thought there was some kind of auto-shink, since I\'ve never modified the images for a news post before...and it is fixed now, so I guess it was on a break.

    ...but how about the product? No comment about that? Oh well.

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    Yeah! I\'ll comment.

    The Mandible is especially creepy, and I love the paint jobs on all of them. Helexa is on my \'must get\' list....

    You guys keep cranking out seriously cool stuff.

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    Thanks Supervike.

    It\'s sad to be ignored. But gratifying even for a single positive comment.

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