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    I was cruising through my 5th edition rule book for Warhammer and I saw some models for the Empire that were very cool. The Halflings of Moot (which I\'ve always loved) and the War Wagon. So I looked on line and GW does still sell them in their Archived Section. Yeah!

    Does anyone know if these units are still allowed in 6th edition. I can\'t afford to buy pieces that will do me no good. I can still field the Halflings as regular archers, so I won\'t really be losing any money. But the War Wagon is $45.00. I ain\'t spending that on a model I can\'t use.


    ps. If they are allowed, where can I find the rules for them?

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    Nop, unfortunatly the war wagon dosn\'t existe anymore int he 6th edition. B ut maybe you could try to field it has a Von Zeppel tank. Or you could just make your rules for it and ask the persson you\'re playing against if you can us it. Of course you wont be able to use it in tournament.

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    IIRC, there\'s a variant of the Steam Tank on GW\'s site for the War Wagon.

    As to the Halflings, you could use them as DOW (Lumpin Crook\'s) or as Archers or (more believable) as Huntsmen.

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    you could use the warwagon as an steamtank.. or ask you\'re opponent if he allows you to field the warwagon in you\'re army, thats the only way if you want to fild him

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    yes, they did get rid of a lot of stuff in the empire army. But i suppose it\'s all for the best as now it\'s much more focused and themed. And in time we\'ll see plenty of regiments of renown (and the new kislevs!!!) to replace them.

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