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    Hi there,

    been working on these guys for some time, and time is the issue. I feel it takes forever to paint the white armour. A coat of codex grey, 2 coats of white and a coat of glossy white for highlights.
    Does anyone have any quick ways or good tips for painting white?

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    Yeah, working up to white is really slow. If you want a bit of speed and still really good results flip it and start with pure white, then add the darker colours through several controlled washes of gradually greyer tones, taking as much care as you can to get them in just the very recessed areas. Finally touch up any minor errors with more white. A hint of blue in the mix can give the white a more lustrous look, and also allow your lightest shading to come more into the white without making it look too grey.

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    I don\'t know how much it\'ll help but I\'d say start from a white primer and shade down the recesses with washes. Brown = dirty white; Blue = fancy (for lack of a better word); and Grey = clean white.

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    White undercoat. You can shade it with any colour you like, but greys, greens, blues and browns (neutral tones - so grey-greens and grey-blues...) work best.

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    Thanks for the advise guys - I\'ll give it a go for the next ones. In a while though, bored of white guys at the moment :yawn:

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