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    Default First attempt at OSL

    So this is an immortal that I more or less did up on a whim,

    The file size is a bit big to just post here and I really have no good means of messing with photo sizes other than getting Dan to do it for me.

    The basic Idea is that I wanted to try the OSL on metallics without actually covering the metallics with a solid paint, that way it kept the relective properties.

    I had also originally tried to drill out the green rods to fill them with a white plasticard rob to add to the glowig effect, but drilling straight on something like that was a royal pain, so maybe on the next fig.

    Any thoughts?

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    I don\'t have any experience with OSL myself yet, but your work looks good. It\'s a good green colour that gives a nice, sickly glow. However, I think you\'ve overdone it a bit on the trapezoid bit in front of the right hand. It has gotten more light than other bits at the same distance from the source, so maybe you should tone it down a bit. Otherwise great - good base and nice metallics.

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    Turned out nice man, subtle and effective. BTW I told you drilling out those rods would be tougher than you think :P

    As far as actual helpful critique, I would recommend touching up the eye sockets a bit, the General Grievous slashes aren\'t terribly clear below the eye because of the shading. They do look good though, it adds some much needed character to the Necrons.

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    Well Phezzy... Can I call you Phezzy? I\'m gonna call you Phezzy.

    Ok. So. Phezzy. It looks good. Some areas I think could be a bit more green (the bars above and below the rods), and some could be a bit less green (the areas furthest away seem to be lit as much as the areas closest); though some of this could be because of the photo. The only other criticism I have right now is it looks like the rods aren\'t quite placed right (almost like their falling out), and the gun looks a little broken because of it. Shawn R.L. Did a similar thing with his necron immortal here:
    But he uses NMM so it is a little different. You can see how bright the rods are (he drilled them out and painted the inside white). I thought it might help for a reference, even if his OSL wasnt quite up to his usual standard.

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    yeah, as far as the gun goes, it was a huge mistake on my part, i painted it up and then assembled it, only to find out it did not fit quite right, i was royally pissed at the model.

    AS for the large amount of green in the middle chamber portion of the gun, I wanted to get a bit of a glow coming from there, which is why it is heavier there. I see what you mean about the amount of green varying from different distances though. and the picture did not quite pick up on some of the green above and below the rods.

    Thanks guys, I will see if I can touch him up some time soonish.

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    Yup, them are glowing real good!!

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