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Thread: Is anyone else having problems with the main CMON page?

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    Originally posted by Shawn R. L.
    Seemed specific to CMON, but it seems to be happening (although less frequently) on other web sites.
    Isnt\' the downfall of the WWW one of the initial signs of apocolypse? The end is \'nigh! :drunk:

    I\'ve been having troubles with the site for weeks now with pages not loading or taking a very long time to load. Crazy stuff.

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    it\'s the same with all browser safari ie netscape txi etc
    it happens to me everyday, especially in the morning (london time)

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    Originally posted by mickc22

    @Glyn: If you become a supporter you can turn off the external banner adds :D
    LOL!!! Never thought you would have to pay to NOT see Pron (especially on a miniature painting site)!!!! What has our society come too LOL!

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    Well, it is a far sight better than it was. At least I can get to the voting pages. Still slow. And about 7 out of 10 times after I vote on a mini I get this:
    instead of the next mini to vote on. Still, better than nothing I suppose.

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