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    Excellent Razza!

    Iv been trying to do a harlequin with a grid, but it kept buggering up. Working from a central line gets much more control and smaller cheques, cheers for the tip!

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    That\'s a great tip for the diamonds. It\'s really obvious now that you\'ve mentioned it, but I\'d have slavishly stuck to the grid technique if you\'d not mentioned it!

    The peresquent (sp?) effect on the guns is really tasty.

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    I\'m not normally a fan of 40k or this kind of stuff but man, those are incredible!

    You should apply for a job at Games Workshop lol

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    Amazing minis :drool::drool:

    That gold looks excellent. What colors you have used for that?

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    Hi, here is how the first fig was painted, the second one was done in a similar way but i swapped the hawk turquoise for scaly green on the diamonds.

    First off I decided to get all the diamond pattern done, I did this for two reasons one was that there would be no other colours on the fig to distract my eye and the other was that I know it would be the hardest part to paint so I didn’t want to paint the pattern last incase I mess up and ruin the whole figure.

    *I started with a basecoat of hawk turquoise and skull white mix 50/50
    *Then I mixed warlock purple and regal blue together and started on the purple diamonds.
    Rather than painting on a grid first I simply started my pattern from the bottom of the leg in the centre and followed the diamonds up in a line. After the first line of diamonds was done I then worked outwards from it with more diamonds around the entire leg.
    *the purple diamonds where then highlighted with warlock purple.
    *I then mixed in space wolves grey to the warlock purple for a highlight on the diamonds.
    *to finish I then used space wolves grey on its own as a fine top highlight.
    *then I began working up the turquoise diamonds by adding skull white for a few highlights
    *to finish I used skull white as a fine highlight on the turquoise diamonds.

    *to start I painted the alternate area to the diamonds with a mix of chaos black, regal blue and warlock purple, this was then highlighted with space wolves grey.
    *for the hearts I started with a thinned mechrite red to give a strong base.
    *then I mixed blood red and a touch of space wolves grey for the main heart colour.
    *to this mix I added more space wolves grey for a highlight.
    *to finish I used pure space wolves grey for a final highlight.

    *I used tausept ochre as a basecoat
    *then I washed the area with a mix of golden yellow and dark flesh
    *then I washed dark flesh into the deepest recesses
    *I then used golden yellow as a strong base
    *sunburst yellow was layered over this
    *then I used a mix of sunburst and white for a few highlights
    *white was used on its own for a final highlight

    *basecoat of scaly and goblin green mix 50/50
    *wash of scaly green
    *wash of scaly and chaos black mix
    *highlight scaly and goblin mix
    *then I added more golden yellow and bleached bone for a few highlights
    *fine highlight of bleached bone.

    *basecoat of astronomican grey
    *then I washed a mix of fortress grey and warlock purple into the shaded areas
    *I then added regal blue to the wash
    *to highlight the mask I added bleached bone to fortress grey for a few highlights
    *then I used pure white as a final highlight.
    *to finish I mixed scaly green and white together for eye shadow.
    I purposely kept the face mask blank as the rest of the fig is very busy and it’s a focal point so I wanted it to be the lightest part of the miniature.

    *basecoat of shadow grey
    *I then mixed beached bone into the shadow grey for many thin layers on the blade
    * then I washed the base of the blade with warlock purple and regal blue
    *I then used bleached bone as a highlight
    *white was then used as a final highlight.

    *basecoat snakebite leather
    *mix in bleached bone into the snakebite for a few highlights
    *wash with thinned terracotta
    *wash with thinned chaos black
    *highlight with pure bleached bone
    *finish with skull white as a fine highlight and hotspots

    i hope it helps! cheers all! Daz

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    Fantastic work, Daz. The how-to info is great too. I\'ll definitely be taking notes.

    When I first saw your Harlequin I was amazed. Then I painted my Blood Raven Scout, got really proud of the freehand I did, and then took another look at this thread and wanted to cry lol

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    Sheer class, no question.

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    Excellent work. If you want to paint large No of figures, we can do it for you like what you have done.

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    advertising your services in someone elses thread is bad form mate.

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    Oh gorgeous razza, this will serve as an inspiration, as there are many techniques you have used that I would like to be able to do, and all in one figure.
    Voted 10\'s bloody gorgeous:D

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    I look at them again and again and each time Im\' stunned!!

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    Originally posted by generulpoleaxe
    advertising your services in someone elses thread is bad form mate.
    agreed. and trust me to post my harlequins on the week that all the FRENCH golden demon winner do!:(
    thanks again for the comments! Daz:)

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    The funniest thing is they claim to be able to paint them like you do!!! Have you seen the stuff on the link!!!lol

    Thanks for taking the time to share your recipies for colourschemes, theres a fair few I will cefinatley be trying, and also thanks for the tip regarding the diamond pattern- I shall definatley try that out on my next Harlequin. Doing a difficult pattern like this first so there is nothing to distract you is also a great idea and one I may borrow, I always religiously did faces first as these are focal points, but your way makes more sense (and I suppuse you know a thing or two about painting ;) )

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    Originally posted by OrkyDave
    (and I suppuse you know a thing or two about painting ;) )
    Just a bit...

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    yep, much appreciated :)

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    Sri Lanka - bloody hell lol

    At least they\'re cheap ???

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