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    this is my devilfish, i\'ve been working on and off on it for over a week, mainly just to try and get good coverage ( + i don\'t work for long periods of time at a time cause i get easily distracted, i blame the ps3)

    so what do you guys think of it so far, i\'m not sure if i should do a 3rd layer of camo in a mid colour between the two like on the engine, or stick with 2. what do u guys think?

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    your camo looks good. do you have a finished fire warrior so we can get an idea of what your going for?


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    i don\'t have any other tau exept this and a battlesuit which is nearly done but is in red.

    i want the devilfish to look a bit like this, but more contrasting.

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    I\'d say go with a mid-tone. It\'ll keep the strong contrast, but i think with just the two it would look too garish.
    The mid-tone doesn\'t necessarily have to cover as much area as the light tone, or occupy all the borders between the darkest and lightest tones, but i think it\'d help a more realistic disruption pattern, as well as simply tie the two shades together.

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    an update on my devilfish, still got a way to go, have decided to do a third colour of camo.

    common guys comment!!!

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    looks fine so far, but what will the third color be?

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