Anyone else on Facebook?
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Thread: Anyone else on Facebook?

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    Default Anyone else on Facebook?

    I am Glyn Evans (with the guitar pic) of course...

    There are a few other painters from Edmonton and such that are there... anyone else?

    Note: This isn\'t a bitch about another Myspace clone thread, nor is it a what\'s the point thread... It\'s about finding people who want to be friends LOL

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    I am, and I\'ve friended a couple other CMON people.
    I\'ll send you a request.

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    Maurice Tousignant - Detroit Group unfortunately, no love for Windsor on Facebook.

    Sent Friend request.

    @Vince, feel free to add.

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    I ain\'t onna network yet - only went on the other day, but if you wanna add me or whatever PM me :P

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    Done it.
    And joined the little painty group.
    I am at work so I\'ll have to get a pic from home to post later.

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    Joined the mini group as well.

    Didn\'t Dragonsreach suggest a CMON group a while back and got shot down?

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    Actually I suggested it, and only got mostly shot down. Becca and emopainterguy both thought it was a good idea though :)

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    Sorry about that, I should have taken the time to do a search. I remember it being one of the reason\'s I finally joined. Only problem was I didn\'t know anyone\'s real name (nor them mine I would guess). Becca was one of the first I added.

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    When I joined I didn\'t know any real names either, but TAB was in my email address book so it found her on its own. That lead to Becca etc.

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    would anyone care to explain, to a wabchallenged person, what you are talking about - I vaguely sense something interesting/funny

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    @Manus- Facebook is one of those weblog sites where you can upload details of what you\'re up to and pictures and so on, and keep up with other people also registered on the site by sending messages, invites etc.

    I\'ve personally been sort of inviegled into it by my boyfriend. I didn\'t particularly need to join as I already use Live Journal (as ammie_warrior), but I know a few people on Facebook, so... I\'m on as Heulwen Price. More friends are always good! ;)

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    Facewhatnow? Im on MySpace as Broken no more...
    Feel free to add me on that, and I feel your pain Amazon! My g/f made me make it! lol

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    Just found about it a couple of weeks ago,
    I\'m on as Arthur Muguet :D

    Not a bad thing too, found a load of old middle school buddies that way :P

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    Well added lots of folks now, and our Painter group is up to 12 members already!


    BTW, the group is called \"Miniature Painters\"

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    Originally posted by Gilvan Blight
    Joined the mini group as well.

    Didn\'t Dragonsreach suggest a CMON group a while back and got shot down?
    Nope, Not Guilty this time.

    (In fact did I shoot it down, Can\'t remember. Benefits of getting (or at least feeling old at the moment))

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    Just opened an account myself as Michael Lugo... expect some friend requests...

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