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    oh, that changes my whole philosophy.

    Lets let the bugger go !!

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    (I know the Aussies call us limeys but do you yanks have a pet name for us brits?)
    I thought the Aussies called us Poms.

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    Here\'s a list so far who said they\'re going to attend (compiled from both Wyrd and CMON threads). Shall we all try to get together for dinner on one of the nights? I figure meeting at the Wyrd booth is a good a place as any.

    (in alphabetical order)

    Darthfoley & wife
    Duende (me!)
    EricJ & some woman crazy enough to date him
    Frustrated Father & wife
    Paint Minion
    Ritual (in spirit)
    Rodnik & wife Marie
    Thryth with wife and thrythling
    Uberdark and maybe uberwife (?)

    Hope to see you all there! :D

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    Originally posted by Duende
    Ritual (in spirit)
    And in painted lead. :)

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    Judging from recent threads I\'d say Ritual is going to be with you both in spirit, with spirit and drinking spirits.


    As I think I\'ve mentioned earlier I will travel to U.S. at some time and get a car.. and just drive !;) But my guess it\'s still 2 years away. So Gencon 2009 all!

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    Originally posted by Avelorn
    Judging from recent threads I\'d say Ritual is going to be with you both in spirit, with spirit and drinking spirits.

    Once I\'m done with the current batch of Wyrd minis and can relax for two seconds I\'ve got some heavy drinking to do! :drunk:lol

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    another one for Gencon. I\'ve just finished organising this years sculptor\'s meet. For those who want to join in:

    This time we have it at the Paint & Take table on the saturday from 19.00. With thanks to Sue Wachowski and her team. If you are interested, bring your tools and join in. You will have to bring your own extension cords and lights if you need them. The table is located at Maryland Lobby West. I\'ll try to post notices there is there are any changes.

    Of course, you can also use it as a meetup place for cool mini or not. Though I think it may be more interesting the day before, as there will be a speed paint competition going on. How about meeting up there? Not sure how we are going to recognise eachother though. Well, my pic may still be in the archives here. Asian looking guy with a strange accent and a big blue daypack.

    I\'ll also be doing a sculpting demo on sunday some time between 12.00 and 14.00. So that\'s another possible meeting point.

    Going out for dinner sounds cool. I\'ll need to see if I can though as there are two other dinners I have been asked for already (so few days, so many people to meet).

    By the way, I\'m leaving tomorrow evening as I\'m first visiting a friend in Boston (any Bostonians here who want to meet up?). So for the next weeks I\'ll be harder to reach.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Default dinner with cmoners

    i say we all meet at the wyrd booth like duende said and go from there. being the local guy i can take us to some good places for eats. if anyone does need a place to crash on saturday night my home is open. although i am 45 minutes away. but nevertheless the offer still stands.

    rock on all.

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    \"some woman crazy enough to date him?\" :flame:

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    Originally posted by EricJ
    \"some woman crazy enough to date him?\" :flame:
    well duende did have a good
    totally joking my man


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    Default Sorry, but the Wyrd booth won\'t work for me

    I can\'t meet you guys at the Wyrd booth to arrange for dinner. I will be teaching until 8pm Thurs., Friday and Sat. Thurs. I should be going by the Reaper area for a meeting and free pizza. :D (Hey, if they\'re going to feed me, I\'m in!)

    I\'d love to go out Friday or Saturday evening. If someone could send me a text message on where you guys finally end up, I\'d be glad to join you. Send me a PM here and I will send you my text address for my phone. Probably not a good idea to post it here.

    Me with my favorite mini:

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    Any set plans for dinner? I have a dinner meet on Thursdays already and will be at the sculptor\'s meet on Saturday. Other than that I\'m ok. Another option: lunch meet at the gencon itself?

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Hello everyone!

    It\'s been ages since I\'ve posted.. oh well, busy life.

    I too will be at gencon and would love to meet up if my schedule allows it. I\'ll be at the Privateer booth painting for most of the days, also helping run the Privateer painting classes not to mention judging the Privateer painting contest. Needless to say I\'ll be around and busy, and for any who are thinking of entering the PP painting contest I\'m easily bribed!:twisted: (Just kidding!) Please drop by and say hello!

    - Quentin

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    Hey Quentin, will be nice to see you again, and the wyrd booth looks to be about 20 feet from PP this year, so I\'ll be right nearby. (it\'s where I\'ll be sitting around painting most of the time). We should definitely catch some dinner/drink one evening.

    Ming-Hua, no plans yet that I know of, but I\'d like to meet up as well some time, there is lots of time after the hall closes for dinner/drinks, but most of the day Nathan has me chained to the booth

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    Hey Eric,

    You\'re on! See you in Indy.

    - Q

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    Origineel geplaatst door EricJMing-Hua, no plans yet that I know of, but I\'d like to meet up as well some time, there is lots of time after the hall closes for dinner/drinks, but most of the day Nathan has me chained to the booth
    Well, that\'s ok. Cindy asked me to \"kick you\" so that makes sure you can\'t escape. :twisted:
    Anyway, I\'ll drop by on thursday so we can share info.

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    she asked you to \"kick me?!\" that\'s it, I\'m hiding in the booth the whole time!

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    Well, I’m off to GenCon!

    I’m really looking forward to meeting some of you there. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some pictures up while we’re still there, but that will depend on whether or not we can get net access somehow. If we can’t, then I’ll set something up when I get back so that the forum doesn’t get overloaded with pictures; maybe a Flickr account or perhaps even a website.

    Have a great week and weekend.

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    wyrd booth at 5pm then? on saturday. i will be entering the privateer press contest as well so i need to hear the winners at 5pm. but anyhow i am local so if you want to go for some good food let me know.

    i will also be available for lunch on saturday. i am gonna try to find some ppl to paint with as well. i am sure there are gonna be some paint and takes. at least i hope so.

    i will be wearing a name tag that says uberdark and cmon on it.

    i hope others decide to do the same, that way we can sniff out each other. :)

    rock on all.


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    Ok... when do you think photos of the event and minis will start to show up???


    Not that i\'m eager or anything :D

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