New Orc Boar Rider by gamezone
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Thread: New Orc Boar Rider by gamezone

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    Default New Orc Boar Rider by gamezone


    Gamezone Miniatures new Release :
    04-04 Orc Chief Boar Rider
    04-22 Orc Standardbearer Boar Rider
    04-44 Orc Musician Boar Rider
    04-45 Orc Boar Rider I
    04-46 Orc Boar Rider II

    Videos plaese look

    Have a nice day

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    Those make GW\'s ones look like crap, awesome poses and good anatomy, excellent work.

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    Wow, those are absolutely brilliant! How do they compare sizewise to GW boar riders?

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    Sicko if yer an Ork playa how could you resist?

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