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    Default Wolfguard battleleader

    Needing a battle leader for my White wolves I decided on a conversion with the termi commander body, and an axe made from Logan grimnar\'s and the rune priest\'s axes. His armour is going to be white and I\'\'m not really sure to do with the ornaments on the armour colorwise. I was thinking somewhere along a dark silvery metal. Got any suggestions?

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    sweet scuplting. i have something like this going for a wolflord also. mines a bit different though the thoughts the same. the only thing i would change is make the transition from beard to braid more noticable. you can proably do it while painting also.
    oh and maybe add some runes i have found the wolf torso with the hanging runes perfect for this.

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    Thanks COG.
    As you said I think there will be definition between the two when it gets painted.
    There will be some runes and iconography painted on. I might add a few twinkets later on.

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    i hate to reference it but the Shaman armour in WoW with the Wolf heads has really inspired me to model a Wolflord terminator with similar shoulder attire.

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    White is one of the hardest colors to do well. Are you going to err towards a warmer or cooler overall scheme? What is the background (in a nutshell) with regard to Codex Chapters? Maybe secondary color could be a tribute to those chapters? Just spitballing here...

    BTW very nice beardage :D

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    @khargor I do not know WoW, so I have no idear what that looks like, but lets see that terminator.

    The nutshell: The white wolves are a priestly order within the spacewolves, kind of warrior monks. My idear is that all the great compagnies send warriors to fight as an honor guard like battle force for these monks/priests - who of cause have some secret to hide. Hence I use different company markings on the troopers. I field them as greyhunters, as you have to have at least one squad of those in your army. I have so far 500 pts worth, see pic, and the dude above is going to lead in my 1000 pts force.

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    again, sorry for the reference but this is what i mean.

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    Sorry to threadjack, but I can\'t help myself:

    Where in WoW do I get that armour for my Shaman?!? That is sweet!

    So I don\'t feel totaly guilty for stealing the thread... a suggestion:
    A back Banner, something showing your Captain doing something heroic, or aluding to the secret without giving it away.

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    Nice lord.
    I like the open posture of the mini, and I\'m sure your paint job will do it honour (as usual). Of course the armour must be white, but I would suggest using bronze or something like that for the metal bits - it will make the mini a little warmer and fit in with the brown robes of the hunters. Knotwork for the shoulder - as usual, but go absolutely over the top this time. You have experience from the 500 pts that I guess you really can take advantage of now.

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    So finally got some paint on this guy. I have tried to soften the white a bit by layering and washing with codex and astronomicon grey(weird taste to those foundation paints, by the way). I think I got the armour to look quite smooth and like the result.
    @ Quareni – Thanks mate. I think the warm metal colors are a good idear, wich I’ll most likely go with. For the nutwork I’ll to do the same as the others got but with a little twist and add ons.
    @ GB – I have never been a great fan of back banners, don’t think I can explain why, just don’t feel like they fit with my image of fierce warriors. I’m however planning on adding some standard bearers for the individual squats at some point.
    @ Khargor – that is some seriously cool looking armour, if you ever get it done please let us see.

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    A bit more finished last night, not 100% happy with the face - but I couldn\'t figure out was was wrong and fix it.
    As you might see in the pic there is a small sword/knife on the front of the rope - I was planning on making the sheath white or light grey, but it\'s kind of going to look like the armour, can\'t figure out if it\'s going to look bland.
    Any idears on this or other suggestions ?

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    Dont know how late it is to get in on it here, but a rough suggestion, carve all the studs off it, re undercoat it, paint it the yellow and do the scroll work on it.

    I cant stand back banners either, just strikes as something to aim for when trying to find whos in charge.

    Just lob grenades at that one, and that on and that one, and theyll be effed.

    So its standards only for me too.

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    A bit more progress one the dude. Not quite happy with the beard/hair and face, and I have been thinking about making him a red head instead.
    As he is comming a long a bit slow and uneasy any comment and suggestions would come in handy :D

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    perhaps a wash of dark flesh or other similar red/brown to th grey of the beard. It may help tone down the starkness of it. With the beard being in the same monotone as the armour, it lends to a drab look. Just a thought. Looking good though, keep it up.:)

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    How about making him a greying redhead?
    Maybe just keeping the grey in certain areas (Temples etc)

    The skin does look a LITTLE flat, but remember SW\'s are meant to have lighter skin, so don\'t wash him too far.

    Also - I\'m loving the sketch for those shoulder pads - although the rest of it looks very chaos sorceror to me :P

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    wow. just noticed the wolfs head and you have done a nice job with it. the face will look better once the beard is done IMO. the tunic robe thing will also make everything flow better once its highlighted more.
    good luck :beer:

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    It seems like I have to some thing about that hair and beard, I think I\'ll wait till it\'s mostly done however, so it will be easier to see how much color he needs.
    Do you think it would work with a redbrowmish wash as thunderhawker suggested?
    @DAN: do you mean you think he should have paler skin or tone is right and just needs more depth

    I\'ll just add a pic that shows the robe better so it doesn\'t look that unfinished. Unless you guys insist I\'m not going to highlight it more as it\'s supposed to be fairly dark.

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    much better with the robe. the light must have hit it just wrong before.......the wolf skull was fanfrickingtabulous what happened.? oh well its coming along nicely.
    maybe do the sheath for the dagger a wood grain look, matches the dread. might be too small though.
    oh and btw looks like a sm hagrid from Harry Potter
    Blimey arry should i kill this Nid or should i use my pink umbrella lol:drunk:

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    @COG: not to worry the rest of the paint is still there, just an \"old\" pic. Woodgrain is a good idear. When Bengodall suggested yellow I wasn\'t to keen on the idear, but one of the stages of the wolfskull was a yellow brow wich actually went pretty well with the brown robe, so that is also an option.

    quote COG: oh and btw looks like a sm hagrid from Harry Potter
    Blimey arry should i kill this Nid or should i use my pink umbrella lol:drunk:

    well what can I say lol, some one once mentioned that the whitewolves looked like a happe union of a stoormtrooper and a jedi :moon:

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    So, a small update. Most of the areas have had their basecoat now but are far from finished. THe sheath will be highlighted and the metals will be washed and highlighted. I needed to see how the colors would go together.
    The purity seals well...I kind of think they look like something my mother could have done, so they\'ll are in for a make-over too.

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