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    It\'s looking very good, very clean. Well, actually maybe even too clean, but that could just be an impression given by the large white areas that are yet to be broken by details.
    However, I like the warm brown of the cloak and its depth. The yellow sheath... I would suggest a red instead, or maybe a dark orange, but I think the yellow is a bit too bright.
    I simply love the skull - how many layers have you put on it?

    Keep up the good work.

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    I can assure you that eventhough he looks clean it\'s only on the outside, inside he is a very dirty person :twisted:
    Te skull is worked up from scorched brown - bubonic brown - flesh wash - bubonic brown ( this is also where I have stopped for the sheath) - bleached bone - wash of watered down graveyard earth - bleached bone. So I guess the short version would be: 8 :D

    As you said Quareni I think the overall look will change with the addition of the planned freehand stuff

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    Looking good Manus. Keep it up! I like how the white turned out, but I aree a lttle weathering or some dirt would look spiffy.:)

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    Very. Very. Very. Very nice. He\'s looking great. Can\'t wait to see more. Off to paint now :)

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    looking really good! something like an old veteran imperial stormtrooper would look like.

    keep it up.

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    another small update, finished the metallics - at least as much as I can be arsed.
    @thunderhawker: I hear you but I can\'t come up with any good idears for weathering on white armour - he\'ll be snow based btw

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    Well, if I remember, there was an article in WD several months ago about a simplified version of Cyril\'s technique. For dirt it was basiclly several increasing layers of graveyard earth about the feet and legs. For battle dmg, you could use dark flesh or terracotta and use a light grey line across the \"gouge\" made by said red/brown near the top to create the illusion of depth. It may do to keep the nicks and gouges rather small.

    Simple. Maybe too simple for your purposes, but if you try it and don\'t like it, there\'s always more white paint;)

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