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Thread: Looted Marine Dreadnought

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    Default Looted Marine Dreadnought

    I was rummaging around a little bit yesterday afternoon, as I found myself with a refreshing amount of spare time, and I collected a bunch of bitz together that got my brain\'s little gears turning. I quickly produced it into a sketch:

    The concept is pretty simple. A looted dreadnought, turned into an orky killing machine. It\'ll likely be piloted like grots, as I\'m prone to the little blighters being the commanding force behind warmachines. It\'ll hopefully get a nice big gob on the front to emphasize it\'s orkiness.

    Here\'s the basic bitz pinned together for proof of concept -

    This was all followed by a bit more progress this morning:

    I have no idea what that left leg is from. I think it came from a grab bag. I wanted to reposition the whole dread to look completely askew in an orky \'almost out of control\' manner, so I hacked the left leg off; the standard dreadnought pose does not allow much flexibility, and replaced it with this bit I found in my bins. I added cabling hanging down from where it would have connected into the old leg - I couldn\'t find guitar string, so I made my own cabling out of thin green wire instead. The little dude on the base with him is a snotling doing the \'nyah nyah\' face, oblivious that he\'s about to be stepped on.

    I don\'t think I\'d actually be able to fit a grot in there, as a goblin is substantially taller than a snotling... I don\'t even know if I\'m going to leave the snotling there, but he seems appropriate until I figure something better out.

    I\'ve also been working hard on that hand that holds the choppa. You\'ll notice it\'s now much more sufficiently grabby - I had a warmachines mercenary warjack with a very nice claw that I carefully sawed off the arm. Then, using a table clamp, I put the choppa in the grip and slowly, carefully tightened the claw pincers around the choppa until they were holding it good and tight! I had to chop the melta down a bit to make it fit, but I think I\'m going to run cabling from that forearm attachment up to the hilt of the choppa anyway.

    Here\'s an exploded view of the arm:

    I had to cut the shoulder joint on the dreadnought down in order to accomodate a magnet of suitable strength that could hold up the weight of the pewter arm. Having done that, though, it\'s much more stable.

    Thoughts or ideas? :) It\'s obviously got a ways to go, and I\'m debating what to arm it with presently. The 2 ccw option is a given at this point, as it has two close combat arms, but I need to give it 2 more weapons; either big shootas, rokkits, kustom mega-blasters, or skorchas. I am tending towards either shootas or rokkits, though as I run Kult of Speed I have little experience with dreadnought setups.

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    i prefer the 2nd arm. looks cool btw

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    Got home from dinner and started rummaging with a lot of ideas floating around in my head. I was test-fitting a lot of things inside the cockpit - whole orks, the weedier ork drivers from the trukk kit, grots...

    Then, I found one little dude that fit perfectly inside the cockpit opening. The fella fit like a glove.

    I got him a year ago. He is the flag-waver on the fantasy Goblin Rock Lobba.

    I cut his little flag-pennant off, and he fit the angle or the inside of the dreadnought perfectly, leaning out of the cockpit but still holding on to a lever inside the machine with his foot dangling back inside flush against the bottom of the \'coffin\' area. He fits the width of the slot just right, too. I couldn\'t ask for more.

    In an odd twist of fate, I actually dropped the torso and that scroll thing just popped right off. I was originally just going to leave it there because it was on the dread when I started, but I seem to be able to replace it easily at this point. There\'s some ugly marks where it used to be glued, so I can\'t leave it bare. I\'m considering either reattaching it or covering it over with an ork or goblin wooden shield... I could always do a corrugated armor plate, though. Or maybe a glyph plate.

    Anyway, it\'s coming along.

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    I\'m always impressed by both your imaginitive approach and your ability to execute the concepts you come up with.

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    What would you guys think if I chopped the cockpit snotling\'s pointing hand off and replaced it with a very tiny axe? Hell, I\'ll see if I can\'t give him a proper helmet, too, so it looks like his motions are controlling it.

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    it looks great! :D btw... all your other projects... are they finnished???

    // Larre

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    I don\'t think he\'ll look like he\'s controlling it unless he has some kind of control device such as a glove with tons of wires connecting it to the machine.

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    Alright, so I couldn\'t help myself. If I decide to change it, I can always pin the old hand back on. He actually looks a bit like tarzan with this pose, especially holding the wire like that. You might get an idea of why I\'m hesitant to add something like a helmet to this fella from lookin\' at these - the \'hair\' on him is pretty well integrated into his left shoulder, ears, and back.

    And resting in position in the dread...

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    My train of thought suggests that maybe I should put cabling going up into the hilt of the choppa, and put wires that lead directly into some of his limbs so he looks more like he\'s the controlling factor behind the movement, rather than just directing it.

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    Been working on wiring the grot up a bit. The general idea is that he\'s tangled in some wires and connected to others, all of which will probably keep him from falling out if he gets too excited. A lot of the back won\'t actually be seen - I plan on gluing the wires to random points on the interior - but you get the gist of what I\'m going for. The greenstuff is still drying, so I haven\'t put \'em back inside the thing yet, but I gave him a bionik eye and tried to make it look like one of the wires was going in under his skin on the back of his choppa hand.

    I think he\'s looking pretty cool. :) In the mean time while the GS dries, I\'m going to scuff up the dread a bit and try orking it some.

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    I think it would suit the mini if the gap where the goblin is to stand were a bit wider

    that way it would... fit :D

    // Larre

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    A bit more progress! I took the grot and fitted him inside the cockpit and bolted him in nice and proppa. I like the way he is right now - enough to be happy to leave it alone for at least the moment. I tacked a gobbo shield onto the shoulder as well. I also added cabling onto the claw - one into the handle, and one into the claw itself.

    The upper torso\'s not attached yet for expediency in painting and priming - I figured it\'d be easier to get at some of the cockpit if I left it open like this, so I probably won\'t glue it down for now. You can see where I stuck all the cabling up - it\'s visible if you look close at the gobbo behind him, though the camera doesn\'t really capture them in the front views.

    Also, I realized I never took a picture of the back.

    I need to figure out what to do to the other arm!

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    Now with more dakka!

    I tucked two shootas in place of the targeters. What ork needs targeters, anyhow?

    I realize they\'re not Big Shootas, but the longer barrels that I tried looked really, really stupid sticking that far out from the frame of the body - I got the impression that they\'d get sawed right off by the axe if they were too long, so I went a bit closer to the dread\'s profile. I also realize the banana clip pointing forward somewhat conflicts with the pose of the leg, but I liked the way the dreadnought looked with the forward-curving ammo clips, so I did it anyway. :P

    I\'ve left the upper part of the torso separate from the lower so far to facilitate easy painting, but this picture also helps to show you guys how I mounted the shootas in.

    A bit of handy dremelling with a flat disc popped the plastic targeters right off. The putty\'s a plumbing epoxy I\'ve discovered in my basement - I\'ve actually used it on previous projects, like the gargant, as a structural reinforcing thing. it\'s wonderful - dries in all of five minutes and cements whatever it touches in place.

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    Just sort of noticed, but did you do ANYTHING else this weekend?! lol

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    Lots. ;) Birthday party for my mom, father\'s day stuff for dad, work for my class on Monday and a dread in the spare moments.

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    This a really col idea. I would love to see the finished product.

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    This looks great as usual. Please finish one of these WIP\'s. I still want to see the Squiggoth and huge Gargant finished. All your work is amazing though. :D

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    One day all my stuff will be done and painted and I will stand there depressed as I realize I have nothing to do!

    I got to thinkin\' a little bit ago...

    Looking at this miniature on CMON, I think I might want to try and get my hands on two dreadnought buzzsaws:

    It looks pretty cool. I think it sticks out a bit too far for my personal liking, but I can definitely see that sort of thing wired in place of the other klaw.

    I\'m not so sure how to get these bits. I\'d consider ordering them from GW\'s bitz services, but I do not have enough limbs to pay the arm and a leg they want for shipping, and BWBits doesn\'t carry that sort of thing. I\'d probably consider scratchbuilding the dang thing were it not for the fact that I can\'t really make circular saws with any sort of effectiveness - I tried on my Stompa a while back, and I had to default to a chainsword design instead.

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    You never cease to impress me James!!!

    I have had a rummage in my big orky box o\'tricks but unfortunatley don\'t have any spare buzz saw bits. I would have happily donated them free of charge to something this impressive, sorry!

    This idea may accidentally get a little bit looted!

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    Have you considered a small plastic gear wheel from some sort of cheap motorised electrical item?

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