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Thread: CHAOS!!!! BWAHAHA!!

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    Default CHAOS!!!! BWAHAHA!!

    I can\'t wait till the new fantasy chaos come out!!
    I\'ve played chaos for fantasy all the time, and the new chaos just rock!

    can\'t say enough!!!!

    just Archaon alone is so cool!!

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    Default Archaon!

    As staffmember from GW Amsterdam, I just finished painting Archaon, and I must say it\'s the best mini GW ever released. His mount just rules!

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    I\'ve seen that model, and while it\'s great, it probably isn\'t THE best model they have released. Archaon\'s sword and cloak are slightly awkward looking, but still very slick.

    There are plenty of strong competitors in the new Chaos range alone... all the Lords are fantastic.

    But I get your point :)

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    As a chaos player, Archaon is one of my favorite GW minis of all time. I can\'t wait to paint him up (their other two promo minis: GD and EoE tour, are very nice too).

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    Galrauch rulz the chaos-world :)

    What a great modell... i am sitting hear and sticking it together :)

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