Asaliah Hell Dorado Demon
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    Default Asaliah Hell Dorado Demon

    I thought the white studio paintjob didn\'t really suit this demon, so I did it in black. Please tell me what you think! :D

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    I like the white paintjob, but I also like variation so your black version is very welcome! I think it works well! I have a few comments and I posted them as a comment on your mini.

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    I though it was an angel ???

    In any case, it looks good in black too, the skin tone is really nice, but some of the highlights on the black seem a bit brutal to me and not really well blended.

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    haven\'t seen the original but i like this one. nice to see you still posting!

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    WOW nice. I find black very hard to do and youve pulled this one of well. Maybe some of the blends could be smoother but a really nice piece. She looks scary (kinda like my 2nd ex)

    Did the vote thing.

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