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Thread: Two questions......

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    Default Two questions......

    What does NMM stand for ???

    And from what type of minies is this:

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    NMM stands for Non Metallic Metallic:)

    The mini that you pointed on your link is a Confrontation from Rackham

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    The title / header section for each mini lists the manufacturer. Also, don\'t forget that you can now Browse based on manufacturer. So, if you find some new stuff that you really like, you can see how many others there are in the system from the same manufacturer.


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    Okay, but what is Non metallic metallic then ?

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    Non metallic metallic is a technique on how to paint metallic item without using metallic paint. Honza explained this technique pretty detail on his Razheem (you can find it in CMON - just browse Honza images and you\'ll find it)

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    Default Well.........

    How big are Rackham minis compared to GW\'s ?

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    Confrontation minis are 30+mm

    This info (and pictures of the mini\'s next to some other brands minis) can be found in the articles section under \"Scale Comparison\"

    (first time posting here, not sure if that links going to work...It\'s copied and pasted out of my browser from that article)


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