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Thread: Scales comparison........

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    Default Scales comparison........

    Which ones of the other manufacturers, New Wave, Assasin, Rackham etc, use the same scale as Games Workshop?

    I\'m thinking of using some other mini\'s for my Warhammer armies....would this work?
    If so, with which minis ?

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    Well, as far as the New Wave minis, there is a picture of the New Wave minis next to Reaper minis under the showcase edtion page and Jennifer Haley made a pretty good size comparision article:

    Hope that helps you out :)

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    Thri-Keen Priest

    Default Using Non-GW Figs for Warhammer

    I don\'t play WarHammer anymore, but I still keep my *entire* collection uniform in terms of base/presentation. This means I always mount non-GW models on GW-style bases. Many manufacturers supply them with the stock model, as GW\'s patent has run out. In the case of Reaper minis, I crazy glue them to a base and blend in around the edges with Millput or Magic Sculpt, two very similar epoxy putty compounds. This raises them up a bit, but no matter; it helps them blend in with the *slightly* larger GW models better.

    One exception to this, in my opinion, is Reaper Dwarves: They just don\'t fit in with GW dwarves, of which I have many. So I tend to overlook many excellent dwarves in favor of keeping a constant look and feel to my collection.

    In addition to Reaper, I do this with:

    Ral Partha
    7th Sea
    Dark Horse

    They all fit right in with my GW pieces...


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