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    Haha! This is almost excatly the same colour scheme as mine lol Apart from intead of green, it\'s Scab Red, and my champions are the only one\'s with red helmets.

    I always thought that bright green eyes look evil-er than the typical red most people use. I was thinking that white eyes look pretty evil too, might use that on my Raptor\'s..

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    Oh yeah!! Good work man! Keep it up, and I can\'t wait to see the rest of the army..

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    I also forgot to say! Are you doing Imperial Traitors by any chance man? lol

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    @Aslomov - for future reference :P
    You can always EDIT your posts to add stuff rather than leave 3 in a row! lol

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    Maybe he\'s itching to become the next mopboy lol

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    well, us n00bs have to do something to gain something to catch up and get into the upper echelons of CMON!

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    Know what I\'m sayin\'?!lol

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    This WIP fell into disuse due to uninteresting reasons such as lots of work and the hassles of moving. I\'m hoping I can gather enough momentum to revive it! Here goes...

    Another Terminator done:

    And all the other stuff I\'ve yet to do:

    This amounts to:
    4 Remaining Terminators
    2x 10-man squads
    5-man Chosen squad
    5-man Havoc squad
    8-man Berzerker squad
    5 Bikers
    5 Possessed
    1 Rhino
    1 Defiler
    1 Termi\' Lord
    2 Spawn
    Fabius Bile
    and probably loads of stuff I haven\'t bought yet... sigh.

    Like I said, momentum needed. If anyone can throw some inspiration/ideas my way it would be much appreciated.

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    I think that it has been said, but I think that you have to go with larger bases on you termies to be legal.
    And what is your secret to white? A couple hundred layers? Beautiful, just beautiful.

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    Yup, those bases are wrong. They\'re old minis, and I build stuff with bases complete before painting. I did this a LONG time ago, I really am slow at getting stuff done!

    My white is pretty simple: Codex Grey -> Fortress Grey -> Skull White. But yes, many THIN layers, and do the full blend between two colours on each section, don\'t do loads at once!

    Anyway, I built a \'Chosen\'! Only four to go:

    And of course, it needs paint.
    I built some spawn too. If any body has some ideas of colours for them, so that they fit nicely with my army\'s scheme, I love to hear them. I\'m kinda stuck there:(

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    That arm chainsword thingie is pretty cool. Is that a bit off the sprue or something you came up with?

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    The close combat arm is mainly the head off of a Berzerker chain-axe, plus some green stuff.

    Other parts are as follows -
    Warsmith right arm with sculpted plate warband symbol
    Havoc legs
    Modified Aspiring Champ torso front
    Chaos vehicle crew torso back
    Plasticard and Ork Battering ram spikes on backpack
    Plasticard plate Mohawk

    Hope that clears things up!

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    I got a request for my metallics recipe, so if anyones interested, here it is:

    Tin Bitz mixed with Boltgun, so that its a but less brown than neat Tin Bitz(you won\'t need much Boltgun for that)

    Next, wash the whole lot with a mix of Chestnut and Blue Ink (or Brown if you\'ve got no Chestnut). Thin it a little bit, and when its dry, it should be a nasty greenish-brown, and quite flat-looking.

    From there, go with the original colour again, blending out to neat boltgun, with a little Chainmail for the very extreme edges.

    I usually base all the metals of a whole squad, then whack the ink mix on the lot, then do the highlighting on each individual mini as I finish them. It makes it really quick, and easy to neaten them up later.
    Oh, and for other coloured metals, do the exact same thing, but swap the Boltgun fo whatever you like - do them all all before the ink stage, and you can do the lot in one go.

    Hope that helps!

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    Hey nice work man! I like the colour scheme, very dark and brooding. And I like what you\'ve done with the dread, nice buzzsaw arm, I\'ve been thinking about doing something similar so that gives me an idea of what bits are there :)

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    I\'ve finished the rest of the Terminators, so here ya go...

    Voting Link:

    Voting Link:

    Voting Link:

    I\'ve played with my photography a little, I think its better than previous efforts.

    The flesh on the two bare heads was a little experimental in that I\'ve used some purple washes - can\'t remember where I heard about that, but I think its pretty effective - so thanks for that someone!

    Also, in response to criticism, I\'ve upped the black highlights a little. Again, that seems to work, so thanks!

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    Those look really sweet. Nice work. A whole army like that will be jawdroppingly cool! :) I like your conversions as well as the painting - the faces especially are really well done. I hope you do something cool with that Spawn, those new minis rock.

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    Pretty nice and Bill is right an army like this would look fantastic

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    After reading one of the Ultramarines Paperbacks (Dead Sky, Black Sun {Graham McNeill, Softcover})
    I thought about a jet/flat black champion. But why not a really, REALLY dark Spawn?

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    Thanks! I\'m slooowly working my way to full army like this - nearly all infantry is actually built, undercoated and based, so its just a case of slapping some colour on them. I\'ve got a Defiler and a Rhino I\'d be grateful of some cool ideas for, and a few bits of HQ too. It probably won\'t stop there, mind...

    The \'Black Spawn\' are an ace idea! I\'ll prob\' fade up to some green/brown on the insectoid one, but the beasty one - can anybody help on some good highlight colours/techniques to keep him from looking too grey? Obsidian-looking blades and bony bits would be cool too, so some assistance there wouldn\'t go amiss:)

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    Can anybody help with some \'obsidian\' and \'insectoid\' black recipes for my Spawn? I\'m thinking the Obsidian one I\'d go black to white through P3 Coal black, but not sure about the insect one. Please help!

    Anyway, here\'s some more stuff:

    Voting Link:

    I bought a new box of troops to bolster what I already had, mainly to get lots of Icon Bearers.

    You only get arm capable of actually bearing an Icon though, so this is converted with a cocktail stick, little bits of cotton bud shaft for the rings, and the Slaaneshi Icon modified with a skeleton torso, Scythe head and spear.

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