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    man it ticks me off when mini\'s get under rated. your guys(termies) look fabulous. all well within mid to hi 7\'s.

    keep up the good work.

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    Love those spawn, way better compostionally than the GW site ones.

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    BLACK RECIPES - I need help painting \'insectoid\' black and obsidian black on my Spawn, so c\'mon, dammit!

    @Uber - Meh, I wasn\'t expecting much, they\'re not bright purple, covered in\'special\' effects and mounted on foot high baseslol Solid but unspectacular sums them up nicely I think!

    @revmatt - cheers! It\'s a great kit, loads of cool possibilities if you spend a little time on them. I just hope somebody helps me out with how to paint \'em, or I could end up ruining them pretty soon, haha!

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    Your models are so underrated it\'s criminal. This is gonna be one of the prettiest 40k armies assembled and yet a lot of the models are getting 6.5-7.0 ratings. I wish I could offer some suggestions for the obsidian thing, I\'d consider having a tiny bit of reddish brown \"juices\" in the darkest parts if you go up from black -> Coal Black -> white. You\'ll add some depth to the color, and suggest an earthy tone that Obsidian would likely have.

    Beyond that, I\'m out of ideas. Painting really dark/black isn\'t terribly fun if you ask me. It can look good, but balancing subtlety with contrast can be hard.

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    Maybe its the way the pics are lit, but I think the black looks great, all stealthy like a flat black muscle car. Maybe try a test piece with just the black and a coat of shinney varnish, or maybe just one ink wash then a gloss varnish. That might be neat. I think that once you have all the eye, teeth, claws, arms with axes, etc. painted you might not need colour in the skin.

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    @revmatt - It\'s ALL lighting - he skin definately needs colour, as thats just a shot of undercoat right now. I know what you mean though, it\'s just trying to get it looking like that with paint that\'s the problem...

    @Jericho - again, meh - I like good scores, but these were never realistically gonna get \'em, haha! Thanks for your kind comments though:)
    I like the wash idea, if it\'s subtle enough it might just work. I\'ll give it a bash...

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    New pic\'s of New mini\'s! The thread\'s not dead!
    I am, however, horrendously slack, especially coming off the back of a trip abroad and starting a new job. Anyway...

    Continuing with my theme of \'solid and unspectacular\', we have a RHINO! That there trophy rack at the back is supported by a piece of battering ram, the hatch-hinge is scratch-built, and those skulls on the sides are of of the Chaos Biker front plates:

    ...Aaand the first of my Havocs. Nozzle swap, Berzerker torso and Iron Warrior head:

    No votey-links, not really worth it I don\'t think, but I did just post some other stuff if you\'re interested. Oh, and my camera broke, so I\'m using my Mums.


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    Can you give a link of picture of the kind of insect you\'re wanting to emulate...?
    A Beetle perhaps?

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    Sure - This is the coolest thing I\'ve found - any hints/colours to use on how to get this effect right would be much appreciated (more for the colouring, less for the \'coginess\'(?)):

    Also, anybody know what the deal with the GW local painting comp\'s is? Do you leave stuff there, when do you take your entries? It\'s just the distance between me and my nearest one is a bit far to \'pop in\'.

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    Maybe for a colour like that choose a particular angle for the light to come from then build up the black to maybe a very dark glossy blue, that may give you the glossy finish you want.

    also any info on the gw painting comp would be great i was in my local Gw an the staff member was busy with a regular an i had my eye exam so i thought cba

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    CONVERTED DEADNOUGHT COMPLETE!! Oh yes, we\'ve got some progress! I\'ve listed the conversions at the bottom again to save having to trawl back through the thread:

    Votey links, if ya feelin generous :)
    View 1

    View 2

    My converted Chaos Dreadnought.
    The Close combat arm started off as an Ork Dread\' leg with the \'hip\' joints cut and repositioned, and that little bit of engine-y stuff is off the bottom of the buzzsaw. The spiky middle bit is part of an old Ork trukk battering ram, with two teeny washers in there that I used to use to modify Slush machine lids. The Saw is off the Ork dread\', as is that tacked-on-looking heavy flamer.

    The right arm consists of the top part of the Chaos Dread plasma cannon and the \'business\' part of some Forgeworld heavy bolters.

    The torso has some power claw tips protruding from under the main shell, and a reposed skeleton up there on the rack.

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