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    Default Chaos Space Marine Army WIP

    Well, this jumps right in rather than being all the way from bare models (:twisted:), purely \'cos I\'ve only just started on CMON! Anyway, here goes...

    I started with some sketches of army logos, and decided on a funny little wing shape (you can see this on some of my models already). I then messed about with some coloured pencils to see what colours to see what would work nicely for a whole army, that would also not be too tiresome to paint a ton of. I then did this (REALLY) rough cartoon to help me...

    *That little helmet design might materialise someday...

    I then went ahead and painted this guy...

    *voting link -

    I found White shoulder pads tricky to get really nice, so I decided to restrict those to characters, and reverse the colours for rank and file, just like these...

    *voting link -

    The Aspiring Champion has the following stuff -
    Abaddon\'s hair, Havoc head and Berzerker legs.
    Pistol arm Shoulder pad made from a plastic Necromunda Goliath Shoulder pad, and another from one of the plastic Orks from the WH40k Ver.2 box!
    Green stuffed over the chain mail and up to the ring on a Chaos Marine torso.

    *voting link -

    I thought that with the colours and logo I used, they kinda fitted in with the \'fallen\' Dark Angels theme and came up with the name \'Wings of Castigation\'. The funny little wing looks pointy and punish-y (?), so I guess that\'ll do!

    I want to keep them pretty normal looking, not too chaotic/mutated - less like a band of complete nutters, and more like some guys who don\'t fully agree with all the Imperial politics. And y\'know, maybe kick back occasionally, have some beers, and hang with some of those slinky Daemonette broads now and again:twisted:.

    Thanks for checking this out - check back soon.

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    Me likee :)

    Not too sure about the helmet - looks a bit too much like \"The Rocketeer\" lol

    If you want a nice white I suggest P3! :D

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    these are fantastic! I love the colour scheme!

    Have heard rumours that the new SM codex is geared towards renegade chapters so you should be in luck!

    That concept art is very cool too.

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    cracking work noticed the submissions earlier I like he different colour scheme ..the whole army will look cool looking forward to seeing more..The only gripe I have is a personal taste only so don\'t worry about it and that is that they are a touch too clean looking for my own preferences ..but that is minor and doesn\'t take away from what you\'ve done...

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    great stuff there

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    Thanks for your kind comments!
    OrkyDave - Yeah, I can\'t wait for that book to come out! Concept art, pah! A chicken-scratch of the worst

    DaN - I do agree with your highlight comments, especially in these pics - that background is killing me! They are a little more obvious in the flesh.
    I don\'t want them to appear too stripey though like some can, esp. as there are very few external edges, what with the metal banding.
    As for the head dresslol...
    That might just be crazy enough to work, especially in light of that hideous excuse for a raptor lord they\'re releasing!

    demonherald - yeah, they are a little clean. I might sketch-up some of the head honchos and bigger pieces when I get to them.

    Anyway, here\'s my first Terminator - yes that arm position is awful, and yes, I am annoyed that they\'re bringing out nice, new posable ones very soon. And that it\'s base is now illegal *grumble*

    *voting link -

    I\'m going with white helmets for the chosen, kinda bringing them in line with the HQ and their white Shoulder pads.

    Thanks for looking again!

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    they look pretty sweet.

    your base isnt illegal as its the base that the mini came with.


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    Work really gets in the way of getting an army done...

    I\'ll get pictures of some of the stuff that is actually in progress up over the weekend, definately the converted dreadnought, hopefully some bikes and troops.

    I need a little help too - can anybody think of some interesting stuff to do with a defiler (polite suggestions, please!). I don\'t want anything too organic looking, or like swirly demon... crap.
    Well, when I get a pic of the Dread\' up, it\'ll be more obvious!


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    Work can really mess things up some times :D

    Your colorchoise is spot on. That green makes them look really mean and .... well killer like

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    Here\'s some actual works in progress. First off is another Aspiring Champion, based on the torso and head of an old Space Wolf Long Fang and Berzerker legs. Beard and cloth was poorly sculpted on from green stuff...

    This is my dreadnought...

    The above pic is of the left arm sans heavy flamer to show the construction better. It\'s an Ork Dread\' leg with the \'hip\' joints cut and repositioned, and that little bit of engine-y stuff is off the bottom of the buzzsaw. The spiky middle bit is part of an old Ork trukk battering ram, with two teeny washers in there that I used to use to modify Slush machine lids:P. The Saw is off the Ork dread\', as is that tacked-on-looking heavy flamer.
    The right arm consists of the top part of the Chaos Dread plasma cannon and the \'business\' part of some Forgeworld heavy bolters.
    He may look a bit clunky and haggard, but I think it looks more brutal than a standard one. That\'s kinda what I want to acheive with my Defiler, so if anyone has any good ideas, or even just thinks certain parts would be cool, let me know!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Theres a ripley pattern defiler floating around thats pretty freaking amazing, Im sure thats a good start to grab some ideas, it depends on what your after.

    that one.

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    I made one of my own dreads a lot wider using plastic card, that gave an extra amount of weight and brutality I think.
    I like the arms especially the left one looks deadly.
    The legs looks a little straight up and down and close together, could be the angle of the pic, but I think you could make it more dynamic with some joint action.

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    im doing a chaos army too.......and let me say that yours are awesome! the color scheme...the way your put it together (the white helmets on the chosen).....the champion looks special great. and dont get me all gushy with your conversion on the dred...very cool
    i wish i was like you..

    ps i voted on all your models...

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    Yes these minis are great and I like alot of your work! The sorcerers shoulder plate free hand is good and your whites are amazing! The dots of white also seem to fit in perfectly! I cant wait to see these minis finished:yes:

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    as borat would say. a verry niace. i am considering having a go at the steel cobra renegades, and this is good inspiriation. good luck with the army!

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    Thanks for all the kind comments! I\'m glad people like the stuff I\'m doing. I thought this\'d be a good way of keeping me progressing, trying to post new stuff regularly.

    The Dread\' legs - yeah, they\'re right out of the box as it were, and are very \'plodding\' pose-wise. If GW see fit to release a plastic one which doesn\'t suck like the current one, I shall endeavour to make that more dynamic. In the mean time, I\'ll do my best on my Defiler...

    ...and so thank you for the link, Bengoodall - there\'s enough cool stuff in that one piece to make about 3 crazy Defilers! Just because it\'s so awesome, I\'ll post the link again here, incase you missed it -

    Haven\'t got much painting done, kinda got sidetracked with bikes. Here\'s something I was quite pleased with, a little experiment with plasticard, although it still needs some rivets - I think I\'m gonna do these bare metal of some kind.

    I will get some of this painted soon, I promise!
    BUT... there is a Chaos mini contest that\'s screaming to be entered with something new right here...

    I urge enverybody who\'s even considering anything to do with Chaos to have a go - It\'ll make you get something new done by October, at least!

    Oh, and GW just announced the title of this years Games Day art contest... Chaos incarnate.
    The Warp is drawing me in, I tell you...

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    Arrgh! A full week with nothing done, I do apologise. Don\'t stop checking this thread, I\'m just a bit tied up right now making sure I get stuff packed in time to move!:|~

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    Hey, with that much work to do, I\'m amazed you get anything done! It\'s a well-known phenomenon...

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    Well, at least it stops you getting bored... or does it just mean you\'re less likely to ever achieve anything? I guess we\'ll find out very soon...

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