Does anyone play it? :)
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Thread: Does anyone play it? :)

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    Default Does anyone play it? :)

    I see that the Confrontation minis are very highly regarded, but what about the game? Does anyone actually play it? Are the rules good? How does it compare to Warhammer? I downloaded the rules in a pdf file (in English) but haven\'t read through them all yet. Alas, there\'s little hope of me playing it, as the local gaming stores have not even heard of it :)

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    I played it couple of times with my friend. The rule is pretty simple. You definitely need the card to play, so don\'t lose it ;)

    Also remember that Confrontation is a skirmish game not a battle type like WFB.

    We played both wolven (with equal stats) to see how fair the game went and it went pretty balance. Magic is weak and they treat how you get the wound is different from warhammer (you\'ll see in the rule). Also, if you roll any \'1\' it automatically fails, regardless the total number you get from the dice roll.


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    Seele_des _Acheron

    Default Confrontation!!!!


    Confrontation is wunderful!!!

    It is much easier than WH and the minnis are much better!

    it is one of the best games i ever played.

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    It\'s one of the best skirmish gamess out there and it\'s better balanced than mordheim with the factions:D

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    Default I wanna play!

    However, in this hick town, it\'s lucky to find a Warhammer player! I do, however, have a basic Mid-nor army in the blisters. I\'m still waiting on the new calvary and bane bearers.. me want!! :D
    Anyhoo, here\'s the English Rules. Don\'t say I never gave you nuthin....

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