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    I am working up a SM Chapter that answers to the Inquisition (a la Grey Knights), and I have yet to decide on a name but it will be something to do with \"Emperor\'s Light\" or Emperor\'s Lanterns\".
    Anyhoo, This is the dreadnaught I am working on. The conversion is basically covering him in various lights/lamps. There will be a severe amount of OSL in this things future (Oi, I am not really sure I am capable of such a thing, but what good is life if you don\'t challenge yourself?).

    The Inquisitorial emplem on the leg will be made of stone, and gilded with gold (I hope). The right shoulder will remain plain as I intend some freehand work there. Each shoulder will have a lamp, and I will make a fancy shmancy display base with even more OSL (Thinkin BIG!).
    I am not sure I like the Icon on the face above the light, and that may end up being something else entirely. I nothing else for now its a space taker to kill the dead space.
    Please throw me some ideas folks. In my limited time here on the forums I have gotten nothing but great and extremely helpful feedback. Keep it coming!

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    Oh another dread conversion - love those.
    You have a lot of good idears for this conversion all ready and it sound really good. GOt any thoughts on colorscheme?
    For the conversion it self: You need to loose that badge on the face and put something big up there, preferreble something with eyes - it needs to be the focal point of the dread. At the moment it\'s the big lamp that has that position - and that\'s placed to low for that. It looks good, just not working as a focal point - don\'t want people to think nautilus. ;)
    As for the right shoulder how about some hanging long scroll with some scriblings on, I was also thinking of hanging some poor person who the inquisition didn\'t like up there - but I don\'t know if it will look to violent or chaos-like.
    Crowscage? chainmail?
    Always when I hear Inquisition I think The name of the Rose, if you haven\'t seen it for while take a look it might shead some idears.

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    Yeah - he is gonna be laden with mucho scrollage. And I agree the little icon is more annoying than anything. I have an Agre Kingdoms skull banner I was going to use for a \"face\" but I thought it would look a little Chaos-y.
    The left weapon sponson (missile launcher w/ heavy flamer) will have a large light on it as well.
    I have a mordheim hanging lantern I want to incorporate as well, though the jury is out on whether it will actually make it onto the model.
    Colors: The chapter colors (as they stand at the moment) are Vallejo Model color Gunmetal Blue and a very pale bone. I am working on a couple sample SM models to see exactly how and if they work.
    The original name I had for the chapter was: Order of the Brotherhoods of the Emperor\'s Light Interred in Service and Knighthood (OBELISK), with a glowing, well, obelisk, as the chapter icon.

    Name of the rose... I haven\'t seen that in forever!

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    love the idea of the light, i\'d go for a few flaming torches too. give it that medieval, i\'m going to torture you to save your soul, look

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    LOL I had the same thought. I acquired some Empire Flagellant heads:)

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    An idea for the \"head\": How about taking the helmet off a Grey Knight Terminator, file the back flat and glue it on - maybe with some wires (guitar strings?) and tubes running from it to the carapace? Otherwise you could perhaps sculpt something in GS along the lines of said helmet to draw a connection between the Dread and the Grey Knights?

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    @Quareni: But, these aren\'t grey knights...

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    even so i reckon the idea has merit. the head would have the right feel to it. i feel that some kind of slit or maybe an optical array would be appropriate

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    I have a sketchbook that is being filled with ideas right now. I have a few along those lines. One that I like but am having trouble making work is havng a large stylized face or skull wih the giant lamp in the mouth... we\'ll see. I ma pull a jamsessionein and use a bit of software to raw directly over the photos.

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    Hey, great ideas!

    Have you seen the new(ish) Dark Angels backpacks? They have little hollowed out bits with candles in. Maybe you could hollow out the whole front of the Sarcophagus(?), sculpt a pointed arch around it and have almost like a little shrine in there, or Obelisk or something. Possibly???

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    Actually Iam thinking aboput making a large torch out of plastic tubing... maybe tomorrow if I get out of bed at a reasonable hour I will put some of my sketches up and get you guys (and gals) feedback on them.

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    Originally posted by Thunderhawker
    I have a sketchbook that is being filled with ideas right now. I have a few along those lines. One that I like but am having trouble making work is havng a large stylized face or skull wih the giant lamp in the mouth... we\'ll see. I ma pull a jamsessionein and use a bit of software to raw directly over the photos.
    just make sure it doesn\'t get to look noisemarinish (if that\'s a word).
    How about cutting off those two sencor things under each side of the body and insert some flamers - maybe not legal gamingvice but it could look good

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    @Manus: Yeah the noise marine thing occurred to me too and thus the head has been nixed as it stands. as for the flamers I thought of that, but the way the torso is positioned, the squarish sensor area wouldn\'t fit one, but the other may get the flamer treatment. THe left shoulder sponson is a missile launcher with flamer as well. The \"Imperial Torches\" (working name though still by no means final) are going to be flamer/melta/plasma oriented. Not really an army made to win, only to look good with a consistent theme. The idea is that they cleanse in the name of the emperor with his flame of truth.:flame:

    EDIT: Iworked up some concepts for the dread head. These are (of course) oversimplified, but the ideas come across fairly clearly.

    The first is a basic mech-type plate with the glowing eye plate which would allow even more OSL (yay for big ambitions).

    And again, another light source! I am liking the idea of the torch. Another thought it a torch set out from the body on a set of braces.

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    I\'d go for the first one, as I find that dreads need a set of \"eyes\", it makes a better focalpoint than anything else. I\'ve seen a few without and they kind of come across as unfinished and messy looking.
    It could be cool with a couple of braces sticking out from the bottom of the shouder parts though.

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    A little late to the party, but here is a workup I did of the colorscheme for the chapter. Its a rough mock up I threw on a Macragge SM in about a half hour.

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