need Help and Advice on creating a Doctor Who diorama
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Thread: need Help and Advice on creating a Doctor Who diorama

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    Default need Help and Advice on creating a Doctor Who diorama

    Okay here is the deal I have been a fan for quite some time of the British BBC show Doctor who, and I would very much like to make a diorama featuring all the 10 doctors through time.
    For those who don´t know who or what these guys are here is how they look and looked like, (some of them are unfortunately dead now)

    First a group picture of them all

    The First Doctor (William Hartnell)

    The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)

    The Third Doctor (John Pertwee)

    The fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)$File/who1.gif

    The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)

    The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)

    The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)

    The Eight Doctor (Paul McGann)

    The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

    The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

    Now each of these actor played essentially the same guy, that explained by the fact that the part they where play the Doctor was a time lord, and beside the fact that he had a machine/ship called the that could travel in time and space called the Tardis (it was broken in the way that the chameleon device that where to disguise it as an object of the time and place it landed in, was broken so it was always a police box no matter what)

    His people The Time Lords had a neat little trick; whenever they were close to death/latterly dying there body would regenerate, every cell in their body would be renewed.
    The result was that not only would they survive, but they would also get a completely new body new persona everything, yet still maintaining the memories of their previous incarnation.

    Now that I have explained a little bit about the universe of doctor who, here is a little about what I am thinking about doing.

    I would use a round wooden base (don´t know how large maybe 15-15cm or 20-20 cm) and create a hill towards one end of the base, the hill would be made partially out of wood (as a core) and foam on the outside.

    On top of the hill would be the Tardis and almost directly beside it would a miniature of the first doctor stand and then in a spiral line (more or less) would the other doctors come in the correct sequence.
    At the base of the hill there would be a lineup of some of the enemies the doctor have faced over time, The master, The Daleks, The Sontarens and of course the Cybermen.

    Now here is my problem: I am almost totally non experienced when it comes to sculpting green stuff and such, clothes I think I can make it is more or less straight forward, but everything else no it am don´t have any experience what so ever in it.

    Now it would be really nice if any of you know any online store or something like that, that exports figures all over the globe (I live in Denmark, Europe so if they only send figure within the boundaries of Europe that’s fine to) these figures should as much as possible resemble the different doctors through time (more or less).

    So if anyone knows where I can get those miniatures it would mean a lot to me also any painting tips on how to paint the different doctors would be welcome.

    Thank you VERY MUCH in advance

    Ps I know my grammar sucks i have used word 2007 to correct the worst errors, i hope you will bear whit me.

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    Andy over at heresy miniatures has just started a thread on the forum of doom about his Tennant doc, along with some other things. Very nice, very heresy (and better than my version, the git!).

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    thanks nexus, i wasn\'t going to stop by till later as andy often makes us wait. sweet stuff there. heresy\'s new stuff link (including dr hugh)

    @erik - do you have a tardis?

    some dr who minis

    a tardis - not sure about the scale

    dragonsreach and i bought some tardi (?SP) at salute. i can\'t remember the company but they did some clear resin ones too. they were only about £3 too

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    The Tardis is easy to make a piece of core foam and plastic card, and you more or less have the Tardis made whit little efford.

    The Doctor who miniatures looks okay, yet not very detailed when you compare them to the Heresy miniature or GWs miniatures for that matter.

    I could be mistaking of curse, does any of you have any experience whit the doctor who miniatures and such, how detailed are they and how tall are they and so forth.


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    as i understand it. it\'s probably quite a small part of the market. it only really appeals to a small fan base. as a result, the only companies that do them don\'t produce them to a such a high standard. i\'m sure there must be a few similar civillian minis that you could cobble together to make dr minis. you\'ll need a few head swaps etc. but this is a kinda specific idea so you don\'t have a lot of choide

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    well if i should be COMPLETELY honest all i would really need to look like the doctor is the face and the overall body shape, understood in the way that a fully armored warrior, or a miniature whit a body the shape like a greater demon of nurgle wouldn´t exactly be what i could use.

    So once again any miniature as long as they have a face and a body shape that looks like the Doctors.

    I can always make there clothes whit green stuff it shouldn´t be that hard.

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    As freakinacage pointed out the Black Tree designs I\'ll give you some info on them.
    Black Tree are ther new owners of the Harlequin Models moulds for the whole Doctor Who series and I\'ve recently completed all eight doctors (Plus a Dalek & K-9) that they do, as a commission.
    The facial resemblance on some of them is realy close to the actor. Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and Peter Davison being the best and most easily recognisable.

    All the figures are clean with almost no moldlines or flashing (You listening GW). Although the poses are rather static in comparison to the more \'Normal\' fantasy figures we see on here they are not to be easily dismissed as just representational figures. They are good quality sculpts in their own right. Detail is clean and crisp and allows for neat freehand in the case of the stripes on trousers and jumpers.
    Despite the relatively simple clothing the Tom Baker figure took 2 hours for the main body of the figure and a further 3 for the bleeding scarf.
    The Dalek comes in 3 pieces and was a joy to assemble. Heavy piece of lead though. And it did give me a worry painting it in full on Metals trying to get the colours to match closly to the current BBC serial.

    All in all the 10 figures and the Tardis(i) rounded out to about £30 to purchase. Oh and yes the Tardis I got at Salute comes from who took over the Ainsty moulds. They Do a Beige and a clear Resin version, both of which are in scale to the Doctors.

    And since Photobucket is down I can\'t show you any of the pics I\'ve got of the Doctors.

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    Not to sound ungrateful or anything like that, but as said before i would really like it much more to build them from the bottom, whit parts from different miniatures.

    I really want to learn to do this from the bottom, instead of having to rely on the different miniatures to exactly as i want them.

    So once again if anyone of you knows online shops that sell miniatures that have heads and body shapes that looks like the different doctors.

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    not to sound patronising, but people have tried to point you in the right direction with figures to use (even if its just the heads for likeness) and advised of the manufacturers, and you have dismissed them seemingly instantly.

    You obviously have a very specific image of how you want the minis and diorama to look, so throw us a frickin\' bone here! do you have any sketches (or even photo\'s) of the body shapes and poses you had in mind? this may help jog peoples memories of a figure they may have seen that is suitable.

    The only thing I can think of, is that the doctor does not follow any real fantasy or sci fi figure type (as in no semi naked bulging muscle man or power armoured lazer firing dude) try looking on sites that sell civilian or \'Pulp\' minis, as these tend to be much more modern day sculpts and much more suitable.

    Either that or build yourself a wire frame and get the green stuff out.

    Sounds like a very cool project, all the best with it.

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    sorry i sometimes forget thanks my scanner is down for the moment but if you can settle whit a crude paint drawing it´ll be up in a moment or two.

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    Hey why make minis of them when

    you can use these:

    Card Dr Who\'s and Baddies

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    Wow, the Heresy one looks exactly like him! Not just a passing resemblance either, it really does look like David Tennant!

    Why couldnt he have done a Christopher Eccleston one though?

    I need his head to make a certain insane Major. lol

    Edit: HOLY CRAP! NOT-KAYLEE and NOT-BOOK! Where is my credit card?

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    I have search and still can´t find the installation CD for my scanner and paint isn´t exactly the best option so I will try my best to explain what it is I want and envisioned.

    The base itself will either be a round base or a square one I think the last one will be best but I am not sure yet.
    Now on the base there will be build a hollow hill/slope, first the skeleton will be build in wood (plates put on top of one another) then foam will be put on top of it to hide the wood and then it will be flocked and painted.

    Now on top of that hill the TARDIS will be standing almost right beside it the first doctor will be placed he will be holding his jacket in the way he did at the end of the episode where he left his grand daughter

    He will be facing the next doctor who will be standing a little further down possibly playing his flute or just holding it, he too will be looking towards the next doctor who will be standing a little further down and so forth.

    The thing is I want the different doctors in different posses I think I’ll even have the fifth sit down on the ground.

    Now the thing is whit the already made doctor who figures, is that they don´t allow such different posses they are already made, such as if I wanted the third doctor to stand like this

    Well it is impossible because he was already made in a certain pose whit clothes and everything it would look like crap if I tried to changed that.

    What I am looking for is miniatures whit a detailed head that looks like the different doctors.
    Then taking perhaps the same miniature or a different one (it that chase I will take the head from one of the miniatures and transferee it to the other), then cutting the different limps from the miniature I will slowly star putting it into the pose I want it in, and then use green stuff to make the clothes (should fairly easy take some green stuff flatten it into a large pancake and then slowly start making a sleeve and so forth.

    Each part will (after being painted) be pinned to the main body, and green stuff used to seal the cracks that is basically what I have planned for the main diorama.
    The room inside will be build like the TARDIS control room (the original one is the easiest to make and paint it was white)

    If there will be anyone in the room is still something for I am considering or if the slope should be hollow at all.

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