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    Im working on my Ogre BSB and just started drilling with my pin vice. It just occured to me though, what the hell am I to use as pins?! Where to buy etc?

    Help needed! Cheers

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    Paper clips!

    I swiped a box of small, and a box of Jumbo paper clips from work (they ain\'t gunna miss \'em!) and they work great. Plus, they\'re going to last me forever.

    If you don\'t have any to snag for free, I\'m sure your local office supply store sells \'em for pretty cheap.

    If you want to get really savvy, a hobby store in your area might sell round brass/copper wire in various gauges.

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    You can use a bog standard paper clip, and just clip it to the size you need, then super glue it into place. However i find that this is a little bad for clippers and tends to blunt them, so i have some florist wire for larger stuff and brass rod for smaller things. Brass rod in general is the stuff to go for. Try you local hobby store or hardware store. Failing that stick to a good old paperclip; cheap and easy to find.
    PS there is an excellent article on pinning in the articles section, check it out!!

    Hope that answers your questions:D

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    I find paper clips can sometimes be a little large for some jobs (Like the Knights arms for some Warmachine figures I\'m doing right now) and find I want 0.6 / 0.8 and 1.0mm rods.

    I get brass rods from model stores (especially those that sell train sets). They\'re pretty cheap and I double them up for other things too (stick sandpaper to the end of em etc).

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    Copper threat of the kind used in flower shops and such.
    they don´t need to be that thick 1 maybe 2 millimeter thick.

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