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Thread: Searching for a miniature that resembles...

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    Default Searching for a miniature that resembles...

    I\'m trying to find a mecha miniature which is either similiar to EVA Units of Neon Genesis Evangelion OR for some reason, has been licensed and casted by some company I\'ve never heard of.

    I\'ve gone through some older Ral Partha catalogues, and none of the Battletech mechs are close enough for my liking, and I confess that sci-fi and mecha miniatures really aren\'t my pickle.

    So I figure that someone out here probably knows where I could get a miniature with similiar look to one, two or all three Eva Units featured by the anime series.

    (If you know lots of stuff about mecha miniatures, but don\'t know how Eva Unit looks like, go to

    Anyone? Anyone? Pretty please? :)

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    Check out the stuff that RAFM did for
    Dream Pod 9\'s Jovian Chronicles. They have
    some Mecha that might meet your requirements...


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