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    Hi all,

    I\'m just about to start work on some Inquisitorial Stormtroopers and I\'m wondering how people paint red well as I am only ok at it (then again I\'m not the best painter).


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    Well that really depends on what kinds of red you are talking about.
    If we are talking blood angels give it a base cote chaos black+scorched brown.

    Then give it several layers of blood red, highlight it whit an equal mix of Blazing Orange and Blood Red.

    Then a Highlight of Blazing Orange and a last highlight off an equal mix of Blazing Orange and Skull White.

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    Just a personal preference but I\'d avoid using any whites in mixing highlights... turns it kinda pinkish, try using something like bleached bone.

    My personal red recipe is scab, black ink wash, gore, then blood red. Of course it takes several layers to get good coverage. Also you could try doing your base coat with a dark brown (scorched) and work up from that, alternatively you could start with a brighter red and mix in brown to shade down. Merchite red from the foundation range is pretty nice starting point too, base coat of that folowed by a black (or brown) ink wash, and highlighted with blood red on edges can be very effective (and quick).

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    I usually start with a dark red, like Scab Red or Red Gore , and add tiny bits of yellow to them to keep adding highlights. Depending on what look you want, you might want to start with a Scorched Brown basecoat and then work up from there with the Scab Red/Red Gore mix. You can do anything to change it up, like add washes between layers and things like that. You can also lighten to however light or dark red you want (you could on to orange and yellow if your looking for a fiery look).

    Hope this helps =D

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    Of late I have been using Sanguine Base from the P3 paint line. It makes an awesome base color as it gives good coverage and a deeper red than just scab red.

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    Sticking with GW paints, the new Foundation Red is OK for red, not the best I\'ve seen, but it\'s good for beginners or speedpainters.

    For my red, I generally start with Dark Flesh, as it retains the slightly earthy quality of Scorched Brown, yet has a red element to it. Add Scab Red to this until the mix is pure Scab Red. Next, add in Blood Red and highlight until the mix is pure Blood Red, as before. Finally, mix a little Blazing Orange with the Blood Red, and there you go!


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