A diorama idea, need help thank you in advance
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Thread: A diorama idea, need help thank you in advance

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    Default A diorama idea, need help thank you in advance

    The idea is to use The Doctor Who regeneration to make a diorama called Sanguinius Reborn.

    Let’s start by looking at the different regenerations not all will be used, but they might give a notch at where I am going


    the regenerations mostly used will be the first, sixth and the last one, whit a little mix of the master’s regeneration.

    Now on to the diorama itself (or more the planning I have done for it) and then the questions.

    The diorama will be set up in sections each portraying a scene (currently I have not decided how many I want maybe 10 maybe less maybe more don´t know yet)

    The first one will show a Space Marine (A Blood Angel) mortally wounded his armor torn of in several places (his chess plate and back plate and pack is completely torn off, so you can see his naked chest an up there after) and the rest of his armor has several cracks and such.
    On the places where you can see his naked flesh you can also see large wounds still bleeding, his skin color is very pale and he is sweating. Basically this man is dying and there is no doubt about it (you know what they say exaggeration improves the understanding).

    He is supported by a fellow space marine that has some blood on his amour and a few bruises on his armor, he is not in the best of shapes but he will live, he will support/carry the wounded space marine (if anyone has seen the last star wars movie in the way Luke supports Darth Vader while making it to his ship, the same way the one space marine supports the other, don´t know if such a way of carrying a person has a name)

    In the next section the same scene yet the wounded space marine is starting to glow white, from the edges of his body and the sides of his face.
    The other space marine will look at him but still holding him.

    In the next one the wounded space marine is almost completely white and the few patches where the skin is still showing though very bright by now.
    The wounded space marine is also falling on his knees since his fellow space marine have let go of him and stepped back (perhaps in disbelief).

    The next one will show the wounded space marine space marine on his knees crouch together whit his hands over his stomach his body now completely white and something is pushing against his back from within .
    The other space marine is standing as frozen just looking at his fellow space marine.

    The next one will show the wounded space marine still sitting on his knees but whit his arms completely spread aside and his face looking up towards the sky only his eyes open and his mouth open.
    And several jets of colorful energy spurting out from him kind of like a mix between the last doctor and the masters regeneration (I’ll make them out of pinning threat whit green stuff modeled over it)
    Then the changes will begin (don´t know how many spots it will take 3 maybe 4) wings will grow out of his back his size will increase and he will grow long blond hair.

    The first image his face will be a blur kinda like the sixth doctors regeneration, during the next 2 or 3 the blur will fade out to the sides revealing a new face in last shot the blur will be gone, but the light show still continues.

    The next shot will show him in the same position now completely changed into this new being.

    The next will feature him looking at his hands and upper torso.

    The last will feature him looking towards his comrade who is now aiming his bolter at him.

    Here is what I have already got a solution for, first of the naked part of the space marine body before and during his regeneration.

    Traeg, Barbarian From Reaper Miniatures will “lay” body to the naked parts of the space marine.

    As for the short part where he screams I am planning to use one of these heads.

    But that’s is that so far

    Okay that is basically what I had in mind now for the questions:

    1: Though I know how to paint unnaturally pail I have no idea how to make him look sweaty, any idea on how to paint that?
    (It should be noticed that after the whole thing is done it will get a big load of Dull Coat so using gloss varnish is something I would rather avoid if possible)

    2: Hands they are a nightmare to get right, what I basically need are flat hands and curved, and they need to fit the figure.
    I would like to try to make them in green stuff, yet I have no idea how to model them, any tutorial on how to do it? Either that or know miniatures how has both a right and left hand curved or flat that would fit the style.

    3: According to the fluff (or rather the art of the primarchs) most of the space marines reached there primarch to the chest or so, this was properly no different whit Sanguinius.
    Also it would seem that each space marine armor is build to fit a normal space marine, so a person who has just grown to the size of the primarch (plus his wings) wouldn´t fit inside a space marine armor any more.
    So the figure would mostly be naked, expect maybe for a loin cloth and parts of the armor still hanging on.

    Yet this leaves me whit a problem, I can´t use the same body as the one I sued whit the space marine, since it is now completely changed.
    So anybody knows a site producing all, but naked male miniatures at the size of a primarch, yet if it is possible the miniature must not have anything on the upper body, neither clothes nor armor parts or anything.

    4: I like the wings to kinda spread out from the regenerating space marine like a bird spreading its wings.
    Unfortunately I don´t know any miniatures that has such wings, so anyone know of a miniature that has such wings.
    (They will roughly have to be the size of the whole body more or less and look like birds wings or angels wings there is little difference)

    Don´t mind any hard critique as long as there are given constructive ideas, on how to alternatively solve the problem.

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    This is a very long involved question that I will in turn have to read a few times to help with what you need if I can.

    The sweat could be dabs of super glue or of clear water effects Vallejo makes one clear you can form then pull up after it dries to form

    Let me think more for you other needs if I can help I will repost.

    The thing to consider is to make the diorama clear as to what is happening you may know what is up but the viewer is not able to jump so easy in to your mind so keep the ideas simple and easy to understand in presentation is the best hint I have been given.

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