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    Here\'s some of my WIP\'s for you guys, since I\'m getting gurned at by everyone for putting them in my gallery 0.o

    Termie Champion

    Termie Heavy Flamer

    Heavy Flamer Chainfist

    I\'m no sure how to get them to show on the post, but meh..

    Well, I\'ve progressed a bit on the Heavy Flamer guy. Added his arm..

    I was hoping you guys could give me some good advice for making these guys look chaosy, and maybe some advice for making the other 3 guys. Sorry for the quality of the pics, I was using my eyetoy for taking the pics..

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    THe first advice I give to anyone when it comes to conversion or scultping is this: Put it on paper. Write it down draw it on a napkin, it doesn\'t matter. What it does is gets the idea out of your head on something substantial. Have a goal for the mini and the paper is your plan.
    Also you may want to put the images in the thread rather than link them.

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    there is an option to put the pics in the post. it is directly above the main text box. you can cut and paste the url in there.

    i agree with thunderhawker, draw ideas that look good in a scrapbook and just have a flick through to see what looks appropriate. type in some appropraite keywords on a google image search or have a look on deviantart. you\'d be suprised how many great ideas are out there

    personally i like the whole trophies and damned religious texts on chaos guys.

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    There\'s the pics showing now..

    Good idea man, but I have a trouble with drawing out ideas I have. I usualy just make it up as I go along, worked for em up till now. I\'ll try drawing out some ideas at some point. I don\'t really have any ideas lol

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    Are you going for any specific God or are they Undivided? If they are Undivided then to what degree of Chaosicity (is that a word?) are you going for. There\'s the whole mutated look or the retro marine but not too wibbly look or somewhere in between. From what you\'ve done so far I\'d lay off the overtly obvious mutations and try to go for the retro, spiky chains and jerry rigged eqipment look. Think as if they\'d been in the Eye of Terror for 10 thousand years without any spare parts other than those they could scavenge from other warbands. Make the armour a bit more baroque than a loyalist marine, maybe hang some skulls and bones or other tropies from their armour. The new Flagellant sprue is a fantastic source of dangly bits and plastic chain. Possibly get hold of the chaos vehicle spiky sprue too as it has all the spiky bits you could ever need. If you know anyone with a Beasts of chaos army they ought to have plenty of spare horns left over from the gors.

    Otherwise root through your bits box and carry on the way you\'re going they look fine so far.

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    Yeah man, I wasn\'t planning on doing the whole mutation thing, doesn\'t really appeal to me.. I got heaps of toothpicks I can use for the spikes..

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    And they\'re Black Legion Chaos..

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    Also lots of chaos stuff from the fantasy line converts well to the 40K line.

    As far as drawing you don\'t have to be michaelangelo, just get your ideas out. You could always just to a narrative or use a painting program to draw with your computer over existing pics. (see jamsessionein\'s posts for great examples of this).

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    Looking cool... quite similar to what I\'m trying to do right now!

    Try looking at a load of Ork bits, particularly metal trukk parts and flamers, and WHFB skeleton sprues are invaluable if you are doing chaos.

    I\'m gonna pimp my Chaos WIP thread now...

    that might give you a couple of ideas... or stuff to steal:)

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    I suppose Thunderhawker...

    I\'ve had a look the link you posted Countersunk81. Looks good! I\'m leaving a comment on that page..

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    ...or three, haha!

    Cheers for the comments.
    Well, I don\'t know alot of the \'fluff\'-y details, but once I\'d come up with colours and logos and such, I decided it would be cool if they were a band of \'fallen\' Dark Angels. Not sure that makes them a traitor legion as such.

    The eyes - You should definately go with pure white somewhere!

    Looking forward to seeing more progress.

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