My Dark elf army: hot or not?
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Thread: My Dark elf army: hot or not?

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    Default My Dark elf army: hot or not?

    Ok so, i am starting my dark elf army, and have written up a 1000 point list (500 is too small for Dark Elves) and i was wondering what i should tweak in the list, but not so the army is uber beardy. here it is:

    DE noble, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak,life taker

    Sorceress 2 dispel scrolls (level 1)

    15 DE warriors, shields, spears, light armour+ full command

    10 DE warriors, Repeater crossbows

    15 corsairs, full command

    10 dark elf warriors, repeater crossbows, champion

    15 executioners

    total 1000

    so, what do you think?


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    Do you tend to play people who use a lot of magic? 50 pts worth of dispell scrolls seems like overkill to me. When I\'m playing less than 1500 pts most of the time I don\'t bother with a magic user at all. The 2 dispell dice for turning up tend to be all I need if my opponent has a mage.
    Which units are your characters going in? I\'m assuming your sorceress is going to be lurking in the crossbows where she can safely cast without being shot to bits. Whichever unit you put your Noble in try dropping one of the regular troopers so your ranks are nice and neat and you have a few more points to spare.

    Dropping those things ought to give you about 60 odd points left over so possibly add a rank to the spears?

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    yes, that would make sense, as i do not like dispel scrolls (someone picked the characers for me:flame: but the noble is an alrounder, able to go in any unit i want really. if i got rid of the sorceress entirely, i would be left with... 140 points.
    so another rank of spear men and an 100 point noble, or another rank for spears, full executioner command and 5 shades, would both fit the bill. The question is, which one?


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    Right put the executioner command in there for starters I didn\'t notice that they hadn\'t got one lol so that\'s 30 pts taken care of

    The Noble is armed with that crossbow thing which I\'d drop in favour of a hydra blade. The reasoning being that as one of your best fighters you want him duffing up the enemy at close quarters and leave the shooting to your crossbowmen. That\'s an extra 20 pts

    Drop one of the corsairs and replace him with your Noble making it a nasty close combat unit with a reasonable defence from shooting as it legs it over the board.
    Recouping 10 pts leaves you with 100pts exactly, making A bolt thrower the perfect choice to add a bit of heavy fire power to your army.

    Tactics-wise sit there and shoot with your crossbows on one flank and charge down the other with your melee troops Put your crossbows either side but slightly further back than your spears so that if anyone tries to charge them they have to go for the spears first or risk a flank charge. Finally try to put the bolt thrower in an elevated position where it has a good view of the battlefield.

    Hopefully that will make a nice little army. Keep us posted with future developments

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    What about the Witches?

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    As it stands Witch Elves are one of the weakest units in the DE army. This is set to change in the new book (out next year) by all accounts. Keep your eye on them.

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    Well, not to hijack the thread, or maybe I will; but what\'s your opinion of the High Elve\'s speed of asuryan rule? The explanation as fitting the background is a bit flawed, for me. Yes, high elves are old and have been practicing for a long time, but then so are dark Elves and Wood Elves; but now, the basic High Elf warrior is deemed better than the elite warriors of the other elf races, with regards to their reactions and such.

    I\'ll be getting the first of my 2000pt wood elf army at Christmas. I created a list and put it up on Librarium Online so I could tell folks what to get me. :D

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    In the new DE book the entire army will get hatred representing the blood lust taking over rather than martial discipline. Also eternal hatred against High Elves so they get to keep it through the entire game. Wood Elves don\'t get anything until they\'re redone in the dim and distant future :P

    IMHO the Speed of Asuryan rule completely overbeards an already horrendously beardy army. White Lions have now become THE no-brainer unit in that you\'d be stupid not to take them. The whole thing overbalances the game as it puts certain armies at a tremendously severe disadvantage, especially ones with little or no missile fire.

    Not impressed in the slightest.....

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    Well, as far as the wood elves book being redone, I may just have enough time to get mine at least put together and play a few games with the current rules, before having to redo the army list.

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    hatred will be fun for my mates lizardmen...


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    Hang on hang on hang on. So Hatred for an entire army is justified, Moving through woods with no penalty for the entire army is justified but Strike first for an army is not? Lets see. High Elf, costing 9 points minimum (outnumbered by the enemy to begin with), Toughness 3 maximum (same as every other elf but crap even compared to Goblins), with most units having an armour save of 5+ (and really no magic armour that is better than a 5+). If they don\'t have something to help balance out the equation then they will just suck like they did last time.

    My brother the rapidly dedicated Dark Elf player actually thinks it is quite a good balanced army. Given that WS is next to useless in reducing casualties, the strike first helps the HEs be combat effective.

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    yes, but when it is a white lion, who strikes first with ws 5, and 2 stregnth 6 attacks. who can also move through woods unimpeded, it suddenly seems a bit unfair.

    Also, add in that swordsmen get 2 attacks, but DE executioners only get 1 attack and strike last, although with killing blow, it seems a bit biased.

    also, WE\'s + DE\'s dont have the changes to the organisation chart, further tipping the scales.

    dont mean to be rude, just my point of view.


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    Ok, but White Lions only get 1 strength 6 attack and have a save against HTH of 5+, they seem a little more vulnerable. And at 15 points each, they are not cheap either.

    Sword Masters used to strike in initiative order but with great weapons, they needed something to balance them against the rest of the army, so 2 attacks makes more sense. Striking last with great weapons, with killing blow is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Against Ogre Kingdoms or characters, i think executioners would probably win out in the end. They are suited for different purposes. If DE and HE were the same army but one being the \"Evil\" version of the other, i think that would be a massive cop out. As they are at the moment, they have a similar feel and suit the player who likes small but elite armies, but who go about destroying the enemy in different manners.
    DE get corsairs as a troop type. DE and WE can get units with T4 or more. HE can\'t. DE and WE will outshoot a HE army more often than not. WE get a cavalry unit with a ward save and extra movement (I think) and DE get a good cavalry unit with improved mount attacks. HE get 1 good cavalry, 1 average cavalry, and 1 light cavalry all of which can only rely on a decent armour save and striking first. Shadow warriors are good as scouts, but will still be beaten by DE scouts and WE scouts/waywatchers.
    I think the armies are fine the way they are at the moment. Sure there are some balances still to work out, but the HE are a more competitive army than they used to be.
    And no, i didn\'t take your reply as being rude. Just as i hope you don\'t take my reply as being rude either. :D

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    touche, yramrag.


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    try to take cold 1000 pts speed can help greatly in victory.hold the line with warriors and flank with the coldies.

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    Actually, some Dark Riders might help. Fast Cav is awesome.

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    Well, I would get the executioners a champion... with killing blow it's so worth it.

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    with the new 8th rule bok out u ll have to change the Sorceress as you are only alowed to take 1 dispel scroll now per army, where before u could take 2 wiz/Sorceress/Shaman and 4 scrolls. now it s only 1. i would loose the unit with the champion and the 10 repeater cross bows and bulk out the warriors up to at least 10 / 25 to get all those horde attacks.

    played a game last week 2400 points, i used a unit of 30 witch elfs with 2 assassin in them took 3 units before game ended and was still just under half strenght.
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