What do you do with your paints ?
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Thread: What do you do with your paints ?

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    Default What do you do with your paints ?

    Mine keep on drying out all the time before I finish the whole thing......it get\'s expensive in the long run.

    What do you do to keeo your paint fit ????

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    Default Paints...

    I know the feeling, some of my paints dry out too, especially the ones in those awful newer style GW bottles. Some people like acryllic extenders, which I find to be a pain in the ass... but that\'s me. Water is often the best extender, in my opinion. Try adding a little water to your paints if you plan on leaving them alone for awhile, then stir it into the paint with the end of an old brush. This works for me.

    Anyway though, people will probably disagree with me here, but who cares... my results speak for themselves.


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    Acryllic extenders are used when you try to wet-blend colors, not keeping the paint from drying.

    Fact is, paint will dry over your palette all the time while painting a fig, wich can get annoying when you use mixed colors. (That\'s why you should pay attention to you paint mixes, \"How\'d I got that purple-snot the last time?\").

    Water is essential to get a smooth finish, since the Gospel according to Mc Vey says that \"Several Thin Layers of Paint Are Better than a Thick One\"

    As for paint drying in the bottle, that\'s just another proof of Murphy\'s Law inevitability, so, though.

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    Default Wet Palette

    I recommend using a wet palette for your paints while you\'re working. A wet palette is essentially a piece of paper over a sponge, inside a small tray. You mix your paints on the paper, and they draw water from the sponge as needed. You can get them from art supply stores for $5 - $20 depending on size. They can keep your paint workable for up to two weeks, if sealed properly when not in use. They\'re great for when you get that perfect shade of a color for your army, but can\'t possibly finish all your figures in one night.

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    If you are talking about drying in the pot (refering to the GW type). I have had some success reconstituting mine with an air brush medium added straight to the bottle. I just add until the paint regains the desired consitency. I have also seen people switch the paint to more air tight containers such as dropper bottles, etc.

    If it is on the pallet , the wet sugggestion above is the best. Other than that, using less paint at a time, which comes with experience.

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    For my new bolta bottle GW paints, I transferred them into different bottles. I had some left over hex bottles, and I bought some dropper bottles from westernplastics. The bolta bottle is a very poor design, and doesn\'t seal worth a dam*
    A couple friends of mine always adds a drop of 2 of water to the pots when they open them. me, I just bought vallejo, or coat d\'arms, or reaper paints, instead of wasting money on the GW stuff. Now, when GW finally goes back to a better desgin for the pot, I\'ll consider buying them again, for they make a decent paint.

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    What do you do with your paints?
    I paint miniatures with them.

    Wakka wakka wakka.

    *whacky horn*


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    Default Vallejo paints

    Now that I finally received my first batch of Vallejo paints (YAY!), of course I had to try them -- work and all that be damned :)

    I ordered a load of flesh-colors, so testing them on a mostly naked succubus felt like an excellent idea. (Pictures will be posted when I get a chance to bully my boss to use her digital camera.)

    So. After some five hours of painting (with new brushes, too), I had an almost-finished succubus and I can state with a clean conscience that the results pleased me. A lot. I noticed several good points in these paints:

    1) The bottle. YES! The bottle! I *love* it. It\'s brilliant. It\'s fantastic. Gone will be the days when I used plumbing tools to open the paint jars.

    2) Another good point about the bottle: painting, in this household, is a social activity. Now, instead of keeping a jar of paint occupied, a drop of paint on a piece of paper will do.

    3) The paint doesn\'t dry as fast as the other brands I\'ve had so far. And it is easy to keep moist. (I need to test that wet sponge under a piece of paper thing, too.)

    4) The paint is easier to push around with a brush, and because it also stays wet, it is easier to mix with other colors.

    Well -- then there\'s couple of downsides as well. Although none of them are the paint\'s fault, per se :)

    1) The paint smells *funny*. Okay, so it\'s not toxic. It just smells absolutely weird; the older paints I have didn\'t have such a strong chemical-scent to them.

    2) At times, I\'m a bit clumsy (the succubus practiced wingless flight twice today, for example). Keeping the color palette on a piece of paper means that I will endanger both my clothes and the miniature I am painting. At least with the paint jar I need to hit the jar... -- but ... then there\'s a bonus: spilling the whole jar of paint is going to be a lot more difficult now.

    3) I can\'t get this stuff locally. I need to order it *from Ireland, from Mithril/Prince August*. Dang. Whip out the cred card and pray that I do not hit the limits...

    So. After this five-hour test period, I decided that I will
    1) Order more Vallejo paints as soon as possible (In June).


    2) Keep my older paints as a backup until I have enough Vallejo paints. After that, dunno. Perhaps I\'ll keep the older paints as filler. Or something.

    Problems with the older paints (The Miniature Paint series):

    1) Bottles. The paint dries, and I *literally* use lots of tools to get them open again. One of the inks (dark green) is permanently dried and sealed, and nothing (including a lot bigger tools) opens that jar anymore, for example. The stoppers do not endure this sort of rough treatment well, and they tend to crack and chip.

    2) The paint quality seems to fluctuate as well; some of the newer paints (with the new bottle design as well) seem to act weirdly. The black paint, for example, smears and doesn\'t spread evenly.

    Well. I guess I\'ll have to start lobbying so our only RPG store chain starts to sell Vallejo paints as well.

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    Default Pro Paint

    Ok, Ok, new paint came into the market, both Vallejo and Pro Paint. I can get both so I have tested both, happy, happy, joy... and I find that Reaper\'s Pro Paint is very good as well, but as the Gospel by McVey does state, just like any other paint needs to be thinned a tad. Well that goes for both!

    Now I am a follower of the following school, use whatever works for you... and achieves the desired results.


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    Also you can get Vallejo paints from www.fantization.com which is located in the U.S.

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    Ah, Menelker -- if you were replying to me -- in my case, it\'ll be easier to order Vallejo paints from EU area, so I don\'t have to worry about taxes and delivery times (although airmail can be darn fast at times, but I do not know if paints can be airmailed; some airlines forbid it) :)

    Sadly, my favorite online stores (Spirit Games, Leisure Games) in EU area do not have Vallejo paints :( It\'d give me a great excuse to order other things as well.

    So does anyone know any other online stores in EU area, besides Mithril/Prince August, that sells Vallejo paints? And has a top-notch reputation about deliveries and such?

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    Yes, I\'m just getting into Vallejo now. I\'ve been asking around the hobby stores and gotten many a \"Valet who?\"

    However, it was just mentioned in this month\'s Fine Scale Modeler. I hope the nearest Hobby Store to me reads it and thinks about stocking it. I also have a friend who was thinking of stocking them in Ottawa, but I guess didn\'t get enough of a response.

    Anyway, I actually find they dry faster then my citadel paints, but can be thinned 3 times as much as citadel and still cover strongly, even over black. Loverly things they are.

    You really need to shake them well. If you\'re smelling something, you\'re smelling some oil that seperated from the pigment. Shake well, up and down, side to side. I put finger on lid and thumb on bottom and shake hard. Then I clasp lid between thumb and finger and shake hard, then I clasp bottle between thumb and finger and shake, then the hold the lid and shake again (this helps eliminate some of the airbubbles, with centrifugal force pushing the paint down.

    Finally, I have a small spritz bottle I fill with water. It sprays a very fine mist, which I will occassionally spray over my palette to keep the paints wet. With vallejo I also use it to thin the paints, because they can survive being very very thin (and still cover well)

    The Sentry Box in Alberta stocks Vallejo, for Canadians, but I\'ve taken to ordering from Hobby Workshop (advertised at www.leadership10.com) because they\'re 20% off. I bought 16 loose colours from there for less then I bought a specialty pack from Canada, even after shipping.

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    If you are talking about drying in the pot
    Well, after you\'re finished just hold the pot upside down for a sec. Now if there where any gaps in your pot, they will now de sealed with a thin layer of paint, preventing the rets of the paint from drying out.

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    Default gadgets & gizmos

    FYI - Micromark do a couple of really nifty gadgets for painters. One is a paint blender - a battery operated propellor for stirring (I tried to make one once with a hand-held fan but for $4.75 this is better). Also a gizmo for opening sealed up paint-pots - a mini version of those kitchen thingies. Very useful for gettig a grip.

    As for drying paint - a trick I\'ve used is spraying my palette with a perfume atomiser filled with water - gives a very fine spray to moisten the paint - improves even wet palettes. You can also use this before applying a wash to help it spread or for blending paint if you\'re careful and have one that\'s fine enough (probably works better on bigger figures tho). Atomisers can often be found in junk sales - or you could ask your auntie very, very nicely;)

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    Im about to buy either Vallejo or Golden paints. However to save some often used custom mixes ... and all my old GW\'s that survived, I bought empty Vallejo bottles (about $1 a piece). I think many makeup whole salers can sell you similar squeezy bottles for cheaper though.


    The GW\'s I transfered to Vallejo bottles last year are in better shape (by tons) than the ones I added water to and left in GW jars.

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    i just add good old tap water!

    YAaaaa i know, i should not, but dang it, GW and Paint-pro (reaper) just keep drying out... plus i work under a lamp.

    And how, works find for me, adding water is nothing new to me, for i am use to paint water colors.

    a good tip would be to add, to every of your paint, a metal rond pit, i do that to all of them, keeps them well mixed when i shake them befor openingthem , all so VERY recomended for old paint and metalics :D

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    Default I use extender for both...

    Extender works well for both preventing quick drying on the palette and for blending/layering!

    Also, just got Coat d\'Arms paints and with the flip lids of old I\'m looking forward to lots of wet paint and no surprises over the coming months lol

    Furthermore, here is the URL of my first painted mini with Coat d\'Arms paints:

    Samba Garasu Soul Vice

    I\'m looking forward to more work with it, as it takes me back to the days when acrylic paints smelled beautiful! Coat d\'Arms of course being the same paints as Citadel were before their own brand was released a few years ago.

    Sorry to bore you all...


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    If your talking about GW paints drying in the bottle, I threw all of mine in the trash. As far as on the pallete I use an extender and a little water. Mix them often and try to use just enough at a time.

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    Default Great Job Rev!

    Lookin\' Sharp! Is that from the China Town line?

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    Default It is indeed! Chinatown-o-rama!

    I\'m glad you like it Vince! It consumed me for far too long as I\'ve been back and fore learning stuff from the sculptor so time has been at a premium :(

    Still, job done and on with the show and all that!

    Rev :innocent:

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