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    Default 2 New Submissions.

    Well Laura is away on holiday so I decided I would do some serious painting. So in 4 days I got two figures finished.

    First up is Galadriel, this was more of a mess on and a test than anything else. But it ended up going very well, and turned out as one of my best lol

    And here is a voting link for CMoN: http://www.coolminiornot.com/168226

    Next up is an Ilyad piece, Veirges Guerrieres. Loved painting this, but the filigree almost made me go blind lol

    And here\'s a CMoN voting link: http://www.coolminiornot.com/168357

    Cheers in advance for comments etc...

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    personally I like the second one best!

    now I\'m off to vote ^^

    // Larre

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    The Ilyad mini is very nice, but the metal areas need differenciation between the gauntlet and the sword. it all seems to be the same silver colour. On the other hand, great skin tones.


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    Fookin \'ell Matty, those are superb! You\'ve improved so much recently, it\'s amazing. V&Cing once I\'ve posted this. You have been touched with greatness :D

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    You\'re getting good at this skin-tone malarky. I like the hues in the shading of Galadriel\'s robes, too.

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    Larre: Me too!

    GSG: Yea I agree about the metals. I did alot of blacklining and washes but the areas were so tiny and fiddly (The figure is only 30mm to eye level, should give you a rough estimation at the size of the filigree) I just settled for what I had achieved.

    Cheers Bill, I havn\'t been happy with anything for months, then I had a rest for a month or so, only doing a little painting now and then.
    Then picked up the brushs a few days ago and got my \'painting mojo\' back, in full force!

    Really hoping to take my painting up a notch though after GD and Paris, and I believe this is just the start I need :)

    *EDIT* Cheers Roger!

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    Turn that Lego frown upside down chief, cos you are getting pretty good at this painting lark!

    Galadriel looks nice and she has good hair (your mini\'s not bad either. Arf!) but yes, the Illiyad one is better.

    Have to agree with squig hunter that the metal needs more variation, but the skin\'s rather sweet, and the face seems to be the real bit of ultimate quality. Good eyes too. I think you\'ve been looking at too many Fluffy miniatures and the style has started to seep into your being.

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    Originally posted by lono
    Turn that Lego frown upside down chief, cos you are getting pretty good at this painting lark!
    Thank feck for that! It\'s only taken me 14 bloody month lol

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    Matty + GW mini = wonderful work :D;)

    Virago is nicer overall though.. the skin is so pristine and the base is definetly out of the ordinary (..which is awesome :P).

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    As I said on FrenchKid\'s Virago, I\'v seen so many of these on (literally) bloody snow bases its almost a cliche. (Don\'t know who started that, was it III I III?)

    So I figured to go with something completely different. I have 5 barbarians to paint (tackling the 2nd one now, albeit alot slower) and I\'m going to do them al in the same scheme as a cohesive unit.

    Will probably do 2 and get sick though lol

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    If you do only 2, don\'t hesitate to send them to me :P

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    If you send me your kidney lol

    (Or failing that, a limb will do)

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    Matty this work is super you have taken a skill jump? The barbarians skin is sublime Great job!

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    Default Nice!

    The skin tone on your barbarian is lovely Matty, although seems a little shiny in areas. Have you given it a spray of dullcote yet? I think her face is outstanding - she looks very feminine without loosing the aggressive feel of the model. Re the gloves, maybe you could make them leather instead - as a barbarian she might be more comfortable in something natural like that :D

    The face on Galadriel is just as good, but I\'m not so keen on the highlights for her white robe. I personally suck at painting white and tend to avoid the colour as much as possible when it comes to clothing!

    Very nice work on both pieces :D

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    Really nice job there, the skin tone on that barbarian is outstanding. I think the brown cloth could use some more depth though. Still great job, got an 8 from me :D

    And the galadrielle is really nie also especially considering how much of a bitch white is to paint. Hair color is spot on.

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    Originally posted by TAB Studio
    Matty this work is super you have taken a skill jump?
    Hopefully, well that was the plan anyway. I really want to take it up a notch after GD and Paris, so this time next year my competition models will be a higher standard.

    Toosh: I had dullcoated it, but only about 20mins before the photo, so i\'m guessing the lamp might have made some have a slight sheen. If you and Peter do come down to Paris, il have her so you can see it IRL (everything is slightly deeper colour wise)

    FK: Cheers (Get your Virago back up!)

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    very nice Matty. i really like your skin tones. agree about the metallic areas on the second one but still great stuff mate. done the vote thing

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    great stuff dude. i prefer the second one as i feel i have seen a billion galadriels. that said, she has a great face and hair. could do with some darklining on her robes - not really dark as this would overpower the mini though.

    the barbar is kewl! great metallics (although i agree that she could do with some distinction between the gauntlets and the knives), great flesh and fur. and a nice, different base

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