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    Weeeee finaly got around to finishing and puting upa picture of my virago. So here it is :

    And the mandatory voty link : Vote here !!!

    tell me what you think :D

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    WooHoo another Ilyad laydee! Just finished one myself.
    Though I wish I had this model, I would love to have a pop at it.

    The fur looks good, has nice defination, but I think it needs some varying shades. Like the area around the neck could be a step brighter.
    The skin although smooth, lacks contrast all over, and IMO is too pale, but that may just be a taste thing.

    Her right eye looks a little odd aswell, like you have slipped abit with the pupil. Although the left eye is spot on.

    Base is nice, but just not keen on the snow. Though thats just my opinion as I have seen so many of these with snow base\'s it\'s became a cliche IMO.

    BTW I gave this an 8, I know how small and fiddly these figures are. What is she to eye level? The other female in the range are roughly 30mm, is she any bigger?

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    You took this down FK?

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    Yes, I wasn\'t thrilled with the picture I took, kinda washed out, and the score kinda confirmed that. I\'m not that much of a score addict, but still 6.3 seemed a bit extreme to me, so it\'s of to take the picture....again :P

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    Id defo put it in the 7\'s at least.

    Anyhoo, let me know when you have a new pic up. I liked it :)

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