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    Default Best trophy

    what is ,in your opinion,the best prize\\trophy that a good painter wants to reach?Winning Golden demons,pubblications on magazines,requests of work for his hobby,or maybe only the approvation of himself for his work????

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    Has far has wich one I would like the best, I would have to go with the request of work in the hobby. But painting wise I\'d say a golden deamon, wich by the way also insures of a publication in a magazine. But I don\'t think I\'ll ever get any1 of those so I\'ll just keep on dreaming about it :D Right now my own personal goal is to be able to get pictures of my mini up on this site and then to have a score of 7.

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    Well, so far the best trophies I\'ve had are praise from my friends, selling a mini for over £100 on Ebay, and then winning a local GW painting competition.

    I am aspiring to winning a golden demon, and getting featured in the CMON art book. (scoring higher than High sevens/low eights..). Painting for a living would be like a dream come true but thats very unlikely.

    Any form of recognition is good enough for me though, so all the comments I get on here are very much appreciated. ;) I learn so much from this site that being part of this community is one of the best trophies I could ask for.



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    Default Wow

    Well, to win a Golden Toadstool obviously :D

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    Default Goals are good....

    Even if this sounds a little hokey, I really enjoy painting a miniature and seeing the look on my kids\' face when I show it to them.

    Of course, a Golden Deamon wouldn\'t hurt either!!


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    Yeah, I do beilieve it is a combination of all of the above. Seeing your mini on internet and public competition will get it shown to the public and that will increase people\'s knowledge of you. People bidding are more likely to say \"Hey that\'s the mini from ___!\" than people who don\'t bid who say \"Who is ___?\" Of course, the quality of the paint job is also key for selling, but if other independent judges have told you it\'s good, than it must be good!

    But if I were to put them in order, I\'d say this is what the standing is like:

    Golden Daemons - You get coverage to about everyone in the GW hobby.

    Golden Toadstool - You get coverage and votes from the top painters.

    Gencon - You get recogintion, but not as much coverage.

    The problem is there is so few awards for mini painters, it\'s hard to get a run-down. Of course there is also the Rackham painting awards, but that is only a factor internationally, but so s the GD\'s, which is one of the reasons they are highly regarded as such! :D

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    Its always nice to win something, be it a store competition or a golden demon. But I like it when someone really digs something you\'ve done.

    I\'ve entered a few competitions recently and taken one look at the other minis and I know I\'m not getting anywhere coz they are just so good. Whats annoying is when you\'ve done a really nice peice (compared to the competition) and it gets nowhere, thats annoying.

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    Well, we all know that a Golden Demon is the Holy Grail for a minipainter - but for me personally, I\'d say that an achievable goal would be scoring past seven here on CMON (my best mini so far scored 6.5... the first I posted was 4.5 IIRC, so I\'mj already quite happy!)

    And then, I like when people are happy with my stuff. There\'s a guy who bought my Gossamer on eBay, and mailed me months after the purchase to tell me that his friends loved the mini, and that he even developed special rules for her (he uses the mini as a Bretonnian sorceress...)
    of course, he\'s either very young, or unaware of the international painting community\'s level, but I was flattered nevertheless!

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    Well... for me the best pleasure will be to raise the Daemon Sword at the UK Golden Demon.

    On the other side I agree with Zaphod.. also a Golden Toadstool will be a nice addon to my collection.

    Maybe I have to start painting something for these goals. ;)

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    Well, I have a Fungal Growth award...not quite the GT itself, but I was still stoked to get it. :)

    Also, seeing my scores here improve has been entertaining. I started with scores in the high 5/low 6\'s and am now creeping into the low 7\'s...

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    Well I won a bronze GD last year when I was 16, so my goals are unnaturally high of course. I wasn\'t able to make it this year, and I\'m confident that I could\'ve placed in at least one category based on the pics I\'ve seen of the winners...

    But that\'s totally beside the point, right now I\'m just concerned with getting my GT army finished before Oct. 23 so I can kick some arse in Calgary :P

    I mean, Demons are 11 months away and I\'m getting better all the time so why worry about all that stuff now? Have fun with an army I love and hopefully pick up a few tricks along the way (tempted to try lighting effects from the power weapons in the army... there aren\'t many so it wouldn\'t be that much more difficult, but I\'m still nervous :D).

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    well, I\'ll be 15, and although it will be HARD, I want to at least get a honorable mention at LA\'s next GD. heck, the judges were very pleased with my 40k single entry this past year and they were amazed to learn how old I was, which to me was better than any award:flip:

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    Yeah, same thing, I missed enterin\' youngbloods level, and now that I\'m 15, I\'ll have to go fer the adult categories. Well, I suppose my amazing natural talent will carry me through.....;) *cough* loser *cough* Anyways, the pinnacle of acheivement for me would be a Golden Demon, mainly \'cause I was reared on GW, and haven\'t really heard of any other comps. I did win a local painting competiton, which was nice, as it allowed me to buy yet more mini\'s....:D

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    Default I just like to thank my mum for having me....and ....

    Awards....hmmmm. I guess GD would be cool, but at my level a kind comment on CMON means a lot! It really perks me up, especially if I don\'t think I\'ve done too well, or if I get a great piece of advice.

    I\'d love to be in a CMON annual - but I guess the ultimate coolness is to be in one of Chrispy\'s comics :D

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