Stripping painted miniatures
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Thread: Stripping painted miniatures

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    Default Stripping painted miniatures

    I have some Tallarn Desert Raiders I want
    to re-paint , I, was unhappy with the color scheme , some of the dry-brushing turned
    out chalky (hate GW white, its like friggin
    oatmeal even watered down).

    Whats the best way to strip acrylic paint
    from a miniature?

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    There are several threads that detail this:

    As you can see, this is one of our most asked questions. My answer is to make a combination of pinesol and ammonia. It eats the sealer but does not harm plastic, and turns the paint into a bunch of gunk that can be scraped off. I just bought a brass wire brush, which is softer that pewter, so I don\'t think it\'ll scratch it but I\'ll have to try that when I actually need to strip something.

    Oh, and in case you need to know the answer to the second most widely asked question, NMM is Non Metallic Metals, the art of using opaque paints to simulate metal surfaces. :P

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    Another suggestion for a brush would be one of the powered toothbrushes - they\'ll save your wrist in the long term.

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    Default Welcom to the mad house

    Welcome to CMON the one and only site where you can find posting freaks who remember all the topics, and thread hijacker who really like cuba, even though he actually didn\'t go OT this tiime ;):D

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