How did they create these effects?
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Thread: How did they create these effects?

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    Default How did they create these effects?

    The explosions looks cool, but i wonder how they created all those explosions and other effects.

    I am certain they have used some cotton here and there but i am not sure.

    Anyways log in on the site and fly through the diorama.

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    I saw that diarama on a commercial last night. I\'m not sure the explosions are really there. They could be CG\'d in or they could be something else entirely - internally lit plastic?

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    I was going to say cotton after looking at one of the pictures, but now that I\'ve seen several others I\'m not so sure.

    The tank plumes (white), most assuredly cotton. And while I might be inclined to agree the explosions are internally lit, I don\'t think they are. But what are they exactly?

    If I had to guess, I\'d say some sore of thermoplastic. Heat it up a little bit until its malleable, then push on it with some rounded sticks over a hole. Its too smooth to be cotton I feel. Then just do the paint job on it when it cools.

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    Haven\'t we already had a thread about that diorama?

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    looks like the explosions are some kind of epoxy foam, or that stuff that they use to fill wall cavaties, looks great tho whatever it is.

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    The explosions are made from \"2C foam\". It is a sealing material used heavily on construction sites. Especially to seal doors and windows and for fastening stairs. It is very useful in creating clouds. It hardens fast and is very stable, which makes it possible to put \"some splinters\" into the explosions, clouds or whatever. At the same time it is very lightweight.

    For further explanations: HILTI 2C Foam

    PS: To everyone who wants to do explosions in the near future. Don\'t buy the cheapest and ALWAYS read the instructions. Otherwise it\'s not stable enough or you don\'t achieve these nice \"clouds\". Better buy a good brand, because \"Foam is not just Foam\". Just remember the Matte Varnish discussion...

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    yeah, i think shawn used it in some of his work when creating explosions/smoke

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    You can also find it in the form of Mountains in Minutes at your local hobby shop. It\'s a two part foam that expands as it cures. It takes a bit of experimentation to get explosions with the spray on insulation or the M in M, but with a little poking and prodding as it expands you can control it a bit and shape it. Then prime and paint :)


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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    yeah, i think shawn used it in some of his work when creating explosions/smoke
    I used foam rubber.

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