Chaos Defiler - two legged HUGENESS
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Thread: Chaos Defiler - two legged HUGENESS

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    Default Chaos Defiler - two legged HUGENESS

    My current project... inspired by some pics, thought it\'s way cooler than those small 6 legged things ^^

    Bigger pics:

    Feel the HUGENESS:

    What do ya think... any suggestions or comments?

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    I think the biggest thing that is going to bug me with this is that when you look at the larger photo\'s it would appear that the lower two leg sections on each leg are the wrong way around and would look a lot more workable if the were turned 180 degrees.

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    i don\'t want to sound critical but he seems a little bow legged like he has rickets or something

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    hehehehe tripwires :)

    It doesn\'t look especially stable, but it DOES look pretty cool :)

    (As freakincage said though - a little Ricketty :))

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    I think a more dynamic pose would do worlds of good for this. The model lends itself to action and motion, so take advantage of it. Love the idea.

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    I dont think the legs are backwards, just the \'feet\'.

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    im loving the idea but it dose look a lil flimsey, and the feet dont look like they will suport it when its standing still let alone when it fires the demolisher cannon. i think shorter legs could be a fix for this although that would make it less like a defiler and more of a slightly bigger dread

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    Default INSPIRATION!!

    You could pose it flying backwards and add flare off of the nozzle, throw in some OSL!!
    THAT- I\'d like to see!!!

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    Very cool, but the hips are a tad too wide, which makes it look ricket-y.

    I would also make bigger feet, with a big spur. This way, it will look much more sturdy.


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    So far this guy\'s pretty typical, there\'s a lot of Defilers that have joined us blessed apes in bipedal locomotion.

    Check out the latter half of that thread for some inspiration on Defiler building :D

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