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Thread: Iron Warriors uber bang bang death army

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    Default Iron Warriors uber bang bang death army

    Hi guys, thought I\'d post the stuff I\'m working on atm, I\'m always looking for ideas for improvement on these things. Here are some pics:

    A walking vindicator - shall be called Vin Diesel - coz if it hits you you\'re screwed... :)

    And an updated chaos dread:

    And the two together:

    So far I\'ve spent about 2 1/2 weeks on construction, heaps more to come....

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    cool cant wait. i like the look of the Vin Diesel machine.....stu.....

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    Cool, the Vin looks pretty good so far, but how about removing or angling some of those spikes on the joints...?

    Movement-wise they would likely impede it - but then, that\'s only if you\'re going for pseudo-realism :D

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    DaN if he was going of realism, something tells me that this thing would have a couple more legs.
    Lemming, does this mean that the Defiler or the Whirlwind will be named \"Chuck Norris\"? :D

    Ho, and if this is a model to be used on the table top, I hope that you have created a spot that will support the weight of the model and that doesn\'t have spikes on it. Think movement purposes. Toothpicks can be painful.

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    Here\'s todays udpate. Haven\'t been well and I haven\'t had much inspiration for the CCW\'s on the dread. I want this to be a 2 ccw dread with a heavy flamer and a twinlinked bolter, but I have yet to develop the ccw\'s so that I like them...

    Been stuffing around with ideas and they look stoopid. Feel free to give me some ideas, I\'m at a loss at the moment.

    At least there are rivets in this

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    These are looking ace Lemming!!! The Vindicator on legs is just plain genius!!! He reminds me more of ED209 from Robocop then Vin though. And I would also ditch the cocktail spikes. If you did want spikes then I would personally use the chaos spikey sprue, as it adds more detail, ties in better scale wise and doesn\'t look like cocktail sticks.

    I personally reckon the original chaos dreadnought kit is one of the ugliest minis ever made, but I quite like your conversion.

    Keep up the great work mate! If they end up half as cool as the defiler they will be great

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    That\'s cool, I kinda wanted it to look a bit like ED209, so that worked out nicely. :) As for the spikes, they\'re way far from finished, I intend on GS\'ing them and making them look like they are breaking out of the plates, and I\'ll add ridges and the like to make them look better than they are now.

    Thanks for the comments, I just wish it wasn\'t so hard or take so long to get the ccw ideas working....

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    Rightio, I\'m pretty happy with the dread now. I decided to go with the power flail design and boy, it turned out heaps better than I thought. I need to learn to trust my first impressions... :)

    I feel that I\'ve gotten it to the point where if I add too much more it\'ll be out of aesthetic balance, but feel free to give me new ideas that will help cinch it up another notch in how it looks. Enough talk, onto le pikachus:

    \"I feel not for you, pitiful mortal. I will not spare you, it shall not end quickly, for my unholy master will have his way with your essence.\"

    What do you think? I\'m pretty happy with how it\'s turned out.

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    The Dreadnought looks great not normally a fan of the power scourge but you\'ve pulled it off nicely keep up the good work.

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    so have you thought about how you are going to paint these guys yet?

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    The dread looks fantastic. I\'m really anxious to see how the vindicator will come out.

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    I\'m thinking I\'ll just be painting them in a similar scheme to my defiler. I just need to get the army complete first before I start the painting. :)

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    I like the dreadnought. Excellent work. I don\'t care for the walking vidicator though. The toothpicks take away from it.

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    Ok, here\'s the little bit of work done today. I might get some more done this weekend as I\'m keen to get this vindie done, I want to see how it turns out in full before I decide if I\'ll make three based on the same design or not.

    It\'s had some SRT (spike removal therapy) done on it because a few people have said there are too many and most importantly - my wife agrees... my most honest critic and my greatest support :)

    Here\'s the pics:

    I plan on transferring the infestation over the legs as well, and select other parts, but not as much as on the turret.

    Let me know what you think.

    One thing I realise, though, it needs rivets to make it look like it\'s actually coming toward completion.

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    Everything is just coming along swimmingly there Lem! I wonder if we might be able to twist your arm into making a tut for the vindie? Everything is just fantastic, and my jealousy over your scratch building knows no bounds right now:D

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    Ok I\'ve done some more work on this today, which I don\'t normally do on a friday but today was special. :)

    Here\'s some pics of my progress:

    I\'m considering removing one of the spiky leg plates completely and replacing it with a heavily plated one, making it one spiky and one plated. I\'m trying to think of how to do it and still make it work aesthetically, because the infestation is going beyond what I originally intended. Bet some chaos general has heard that more often than I have.

    Anyways, any comments or ideas or thoughts on that would be awesome. I want to make this thing work in well with the rest of the army, and going overboard with infestation kinda isn\'t going to fit that well....

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    Ok, I\'ve made some mods to the beast and I\'ve started doing some extra work on it. Now I\'m having trouble working out what to do *BLING* wise. Here are a few pics, lemme know which ones you like or which ones you reckon would work best - or even any suggestions are welcome, since this isn\'t an easy point on the model.

    As to the mods, I\'ve brought the legs a bit closer together and mounted them a bit higher, it seems to improve the overall aesthetic balance. But some ideas to help me get past this roadblock would be really welcome :)

    No bling:

    Small bling:

    Combo bling:

    Large MR-T style bling:

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    Go easy on the Bling!
    One or two smaller chains, I think will work better then tons. Remember where the movement points and the joints of this beasty are, and that if the chains get into a joint or pivot point they are going to jam up the works, stopping or even damaging something. Yes it is a work of fiction, but your mind (and others) will look at the whole thing funny if something doesn\'t add up right.
    As aside, are you planing on having the mandatory corpse hanging off one or more chains?

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    looking good so far

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    I concur, too many chains. Otherwise great.


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