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Thread: Iron Warriors uber bang bang death army

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    SUPER DOPE MY MAN!!! From page 1 to the present, a nice evolution.


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    Your army is so amazing. Lol I feel like I\'ve harassed your topic with comments over the last few months. But its good!

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    Hey don\'t fret dude :) Harrass all you like, let\'s me know you like my work :)

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    words fail me on how good your minis are!!!!!

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    my iron hands iron father would love to cut that wussy in half! lookin good you chaos scum

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    Don\'t know if you\'ve gone too far already, but in your \"Father & Spawn\" pic, the front shot, it sort of looks like there are two propellers on a pole. I\'m sure its the angle, since we know it is a pair of Doc Ocs, but you might want to make those arms less straight. Dunno, just a thought.

    Everything else looks bashing!

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    Damn - didn\'t think of that, I did try to reshape them a bit but didn\'t go far enough. And if I do it now I\'ll break them and have to start over...oh well, they\'ll do like that. Good idea though, I guess I been too busy trying to finish the army to notice it till it was too late! lol

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    That defiler is a monster, awesome keep em rollin in

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    Good to see you\'re still rolling on this project. Looks great man, as always.

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    Ok, small update. I\'ve been looking at the defiler and knew that I had to update it somehow and get a little more colour in. Problem is, I knew I couldn\'t do too much otherwise it\'d spoil the effect. So what I thought I\'d do it add some glow to the eyes of the mask. I think it turned out pretty good, here\'s some pics to show it finished.

    I think it improves the artistic aspect by drawing the eye upwards and over the model, while the lava draws the eye down. Interesting dynamic and I like how it works. But it\'s an evil destructive robot so I have to speak of aesthetics and artistic appeal in hushed tones so it does not attempt to destroy me...

    And on another note, I\'ve started painting Father and Spawn. They are in the final undercoat stages (ultra metal weatherings) before I start on the extra fills. I have also started modifying my two rhinos for use in the army. It was a bit of a chore to start with but now I\'m really starting to see the fruit with them. Tomorrow you will see pics of the Rhinos. And tomorrow I shall reveal their dark secret....muahahahaha!

    Some of you may want to kill me. But it\'s ok, I can live with that.

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    We\'ll just mention the fact you want to clean the chicken, he\'ll probably get you later on...

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    I just wana say i love this thread, keep up the great work

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    Ok here\'s the Valentines day gift to all you nerdy gamers (like me!) :p

    First of all, just a WIP of the Father and Spawn Lord combo:

    And second, the rhinos I promised. There\'s 2. They look cool. Lotsa spiky bits and gubbins. But wait, something is wrong....

    What could it be??

    The answer to that question is:

    They are scratchbuilt out of cardboard. No original rhino parts used to make these suckers...(except for the chaos spiky bits)

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    carding boardz... Lol daaymnnn. They are quite a cute couple though, I like the father and son too they are coming along nicely :O. Can I ask why you didn\'t use plasticard for the rhinos? Any advantage?

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    The main reason for no plasticard in the rhinos is that it\'s not readily available to me and the cost. Most of my stuff is relatively low cost (except this army of course). Card is really easy to use, too.

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    Here\'s the almost finished Lords. Firstly you are presented with Father:

    And his progeny, Spawn:

    Up until recently, having these models finished meant I was really really really really close to finishing the entire army... Now I actually have 5 more terminators and 10-11 more chaos marines to finish off.

    Damnit it\'s never ending!!!

    So after these guys, to complete the entire army from where I started, will mean I now have only 5 more models to finish painting/converting. I have a few ideas for the baneblade, but it will be done last. Just so I get more time to think through that destructive biatch.

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    Here are some votey type links for some of my favourites :) :


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    I gotta say Lem, I always look forward to your updates, and I have taken your little use of a spray base as the prime technique for my orks (the orange ones). Red primer vice your silver.

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    How did that work out for you? And was it a flat red or a gloss?

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    Its rustoleum red painters touch primer. Its actually a near exact match for GW Dark Flesh.
    You can see the WIP of Da Orange Krush here.

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