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Thread: Iron Warriors uber bang bang death army

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    I\'ve rebuilt the head - mostly - and here is a pic of what I have done. I couldn\'t see what it was that people didn\'t like about it until after I compared the new on with the old. I was even thinking - meh I liked the old one better - but now I see them side by side I realise the error of my ways!

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    I\'ve gotten through a good deal of the painting but I\'m not entirely convinced of the colours. I can\'t work out how to improve the way that it looks - there\'s just something about the overall appearance of this colour scheme that I can\'t put my finger on...

    Any suggestions or thoughts?

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    The yellow looks thick in some parts. I think that it may have worked better with steel or brass on the wing spars. I understand that the yellow is to tie the model in with the rest of the army but....

    And please cover his lower jaw. Looks like he\'s flashing a cheezy smile for the camera.

    my two coppers

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    wow! not only are you conversions superb but your painting is top notch too. if i had a hat, id take it off to you :beer:

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    I\'ve played around with the colours but I\'m going nuts. I\'m much happier with the effect now. I\'m not entirely happy with the wings but I suck at freehand and I suck at patterning flat surfaces. So I think I\'ll stay with this final colour scheme unless someone can give me a brilliant idea to finalise the overall effect...

    Here\'s the pics:

    My only problem with the colour scheme is it now looks like papa smurf gone

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    nice one fella, thats grrrrrrrreat

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    just add a few purple glazes into the skin of the face and build up with some more blue, then back over with another glaze of purple. then your done.

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    This is going to be a awesome army when it's done. Great work and log.
    Keep up the good work.


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    If he looks like Papa Smurf I feel sorry for Gargamel then when Papa gets hold of him.

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